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Data Guide

The Weather and Climate Toolkit supports Gridded and Radial data types in a variety of binary formats including NetCDF, GRIB, HDF, GINI, AREA, NEXRAD, and more. NOTE: These files must comply with the Climate-Forecast (CF) conventions to be readable by this toolkit. For more information on the CF-conventions, refer to: PCMDI -

Below are some example archive links and THREDDS Data Servers (TDS) which serve a variety of weather and climate data supported in this Toolkit. To display THREDDS data in the Weather and Climate Toolkit, drag and drop the THREDDS catalog links onto the Toolkit or copy/paste the URL to the 'catalog.xml' or 'catalog.html' file into the 'THREDDS' tab on the Data Selector or copy/paste the direct OPeNDAP access URL into the 'Single File/URL' tab. For more information on THREDDS, please refer to UCAR/Unidata.

Station Data

Model Data
Weather Radar Data
Satellite Data
Paleoclimatology Data