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Climate Data Online

Climate Data Online (CDO) provides free access to NCDC's archive of global historical weather and climate data in addition to station history information. These data include quality controlled daily, monthly, seasonal, and yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, wind, and degree days as well as radar data and 30-year Climate Normals. Customers can also order most of these data as certified hard copies for legal use.

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Additional Data Access


    The NOAA web portal provides science and services for a climate-smart nation


    The NOAA web portal provides an integrated drought monitoring and forecasting system at federal, state, and local levels

  • Climate Models

    The NOAA National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) is a project providing both real-time and retrospective format independent access to climate and weather model data

  • Satellite

    The NOAA Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) is an electronic library of NOAA environmental data

  • Climate Data Records

    The NOAA Climate Data Record Program provides a robust, sustainable, and scientifically defensible approach to producing and preserving climate records from satellite data

  • Legacy Climate Data Online

    The first version of Climate Data Online which provides access to several datasets which have not yet been migrated to the current version

  • Publications

    The Image & Publication System (IPS) provides access to Monthly Publications for a variety of datasets along with Serial Publications and Other Documents

  • Storm Events

    Search the NCDC Storm Events Database to find various types of storms recorded in your county

  • Severe Weather

    The Severe Weather Data Inventory (SWDI) is an integrated database of severe weather records for the United States

  • Analysis and Forecast Chart

    The Analysis and Forecast Chart system is an archive and access system for selected National Weather Service (NWS) operational products

Getting Started

  • Ordering Data

    Read the help section for assistance with the Climate Data Online ordering process

  • Using Web Services

    View the "Getting Started" guide for assistance with Climate Data Online web services

  • Checking Order Status

    Find out the status of any order that has been submitted through Climate Data Online

  • Viewing a List of Stations

    Download the EMSHR Lite edition for a historical view of all station information