Storm Events Database

The Storm Events Database web application has undergone major changes since it was first released in 1999. The version history is displayed below. This history helps frequent users be aware of changes in the available data depending on when the data was accessed from NCEI. For more detailed information about the history of the Storm Events Database at NCEI, refer to the History of Storm Events Database.

Online Version History:
Version 1.0 (1999): Online access to the Storm Events Database was first provided in 1999. Most of the data from 1950-present is available, although there are inconsistencies in the data fields which cause some data to be inaccessible from the online search system.

Version 2.0 (Apr 3, 2012): Major architecture and system changes required the complete rebuild of the Storm Events Database in 2012. A new, stricter database structure is now used, but significant work is needed to reload the original formats of data and fix data inconsistencies.

Version 2.1 (Feb 14, 2013): Addition of data from 2000 to 2006.

Version 2.2 (May 1, 2013): Addition of data from 1996 to 2000.

Version 3.0 (May 12, 2014): Addition of data from 1950 to 1996. CSV exports of entire database (1950-Present) are now available. Major improvements to the web application including:
- Addition of images of narratives extracted from scanned Storm Data publications for 1959 to 1992.
- Simple county-based searching for all event types.
- Keyword text searching of event and episode narratives

Version 3.1 (December 2020): Addition of end date and time to csv output from queries.