Historical Observing Metadata Repository

The Historical Observing Metadata Repository (HOMR) is NCEI's integrated station history database that provides in situ or land-based station metadata in support of NCEI research, reporting, data products, and web applications. HOMR tracks detailed information for a variety of weather stations throughout their lifespans, including identifiers, names, locations, observation times, reporting methods, photos, and equipment modifications and siting. Station histories are most extensive for the National Weather Service (NWS) Cooperative Observing Program, and they include officially documented station changes that adhere to an NWS approval process. Use the search below to access these historical station details.

Privacy Policy for NWS Cooperative Network Metadata

HOMR includes station information submitted to NCEI by the National Weather Service (NWS), and offers options to print/save the station details or view it online. It is an actively maintained database which includes verified corrections.


Prior to January 2001, the NWS submitted paper B-44 forms to NCEI. After January 2001, the NWS submitted Cooperative station history information to NCEI electronically rather than via paper form. Individual NWS B-44 forms are not publicly accessible online because they contain personally identifiable information such as observer name, address, phone number and gender. The cooperative observers are volunteers who donate their time in the interests of the public good with a reasonable expectation that their personal information will remain private.

It is NOAA's policy to protect observer details, and this information is not published to ensure the privacy of personal information pursuant to Section 208 of the E- Government Act of 2002 (44 USC 3601).


You may obtain copies of original station history documents submitted prior to January 2001, with the personally identifiable information obliterated, at NCEI's cost of reproduction. If you would like to order paper copies, contact an NCEI representative at ncdc.info@noaa.gov, or by phone at 828-271-4800. For station history submitted after January 2001, HOMR is the only delivery option available through NCEI.