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Climate Information

NCDC puts a priority on interpreting and applying scientific understanding to our extensive array of climate datasets. Some of the products and output derived from this effort include extreme event and dynamically generated climate information. Detailed descriptions of the information available are below.

  • Climate of the United States
    The climate of the United States varies by location and by time of year. Climate Normals, monthly climate reports, and drought information are a few of the many datasets and products found under our climate section.
  • Analyses
    NCDC provides analyses of weather and climate events, placing them into proper historical perspective, understanding their unusualness, and increasingly comparing recent events to expectations of future climate conditions.
  • Extreme Events
    Extreme events such as heat waves, droughts, tornadoes, and hurricanes have affected the United States since the dawn of time. NCDC provides a variety of information detailing these events categorized by type of event.
  • Statistical Weather and Climate Information
    NCDC offers several types of climate information generated from examination of the data in the archives. These types of information include record temperatures, record precipitation and snowfall, climate extremes statistics, and other derived climate products.
  • Regional
    NCDC’s regional climate services make relevant climate information accessible to people across the Nation.
  • Sectoral
    As part of the desire to reach out to climate-sensitive users, NCDC provides sector-specific resources.
  • International
    NCDC has affiliations with many institutions around the world. The collaborations found on this page are examples of NCDC's dedication to making and maintaining global connections to expand our understanding of the Earth's climate.
  • Science Papers and Publications
    NCDC publishes the most recent national and international reports on the state of the climate as well as various other peer-reviewed papers and articles.