Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) Data


The purpose of the HURSAT project is to provide Tropical Cyclone-"centric" satellite data. The goal is to keep data small and portable. In doing so, HURSAT data are gridded and stored using the netCDF file format.

The HURSAT data project began with HURSAT-B1, but there was a need for HURSAT data from other satellite data sources (which have different temporal and spatial resolutions).

HURSAT v05 update

The version 5 update of HURSAT is now archived and available online. It includes:

  • Data through 2009 for B1 (geostationary), MW (SSMI), and AVHRR
  • Interconsistent naming between B1, AVHRR and MW
  • IBTrACS v03r02 - To simplify matching HURSAT data with IBTrACS, the IBTrACS track for the storm is now provided in each HURSAT file.
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