Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) Data
Sample HURSAT-MW Imagery
Sample of potential products from HURSAT-Microwave.

HURSAT-MW (Microwave)


Passive microwave observations provide significant information content given that most clouds are transparent at microwave wavelengths. The HURSAT-MW data set is constructed in largely the same manner as HURSAT-B1. Each time a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite passes over a tropical cyclone, Special Sensing Microwave Imager (SSMI) data are mapped to an equal angle grid (fixed latitude/longitude) centered on the temporally interpolated storm location. HURSAT-MW provides brightness temperatures for all 7 SSMI channels. No product retrievals (e.g., rain rate, total column water vapor, ...) are provided in the data, but are possible (e.g., view the imagery derived from the data).

v05 Release

The current HURSAT-MW version is v05.

Other satellites

Currently, HURSAT-MW data is limited to DMSP SSMI data. If you are interested in hurricane imagery from other microwave satellites, please contact us.

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