Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) Data

Data revision notification

Given potential data set revisions, it is advisable that you notify us by email when you download data so we may contact you when newer data set versions become available.

Referencing HURSAT-AVHRR

No official citation is available for HURSAT-AVHRR. Its development closely follows Knapp and Kossin, 2007, so please cite that paper and note that you are using HURSAT-AVHRR-v05 in any subsequent work.

Data Access

HURSAT-AVHRR data are accessible by anonymous ftp grouped by individual storm:



  • Dataset documentation is also available online.
  • A sample CDL from
    "ncdump -h"
    of one of the netCDF files is provided from a Hurricane Andrew netCDF file.

HURSAT access software

The data are provided in non-gonvernment domain NetCDF format. Please see the NetCDF website for a complete list of commercial and free software which can read this format. A short list of access methods include:
  • Libraries available for Fortran, C and other programming languages
  • Commercial software have netCDF libraries "built-in", such as MatLab and IDL
  • ArcGIS version 9.2 allows GIS users to analyze the data.
non-gonvernment domain indicates a link which will lead you out of the Federal Government webspace