NOAA's Weather and Climate Toolkit

Data Guide

The Weather and Climate Toolkit supports Gridded and Radial data types in a variety of binary formats including NetCDF, GRIB, HDF, GINI, AREA, NEXRAD, and more. NOTE: These files must comply with the Climate-Forecast (CF) conventions to be readable by this toolkit. For more information on the CF-conventions, refer to: PCMDI -

Below are some example archive links and THREDDS Data Servers (TDS) which serve a variety of weather and climate data supported in this Toolkit. To display THREDDS data in the Weather and Climate Toolkit, copy/paste the URL to the 'catalog.xml' or 'catalog.html' file into the 'THREDDS' tab on the Data Selector or copy/paste the direct OPeNDAP access URL into the 'Single File/URL' tab. For more information on THREDDS, please refer to UCAR/Unidata.

Station Data

Model Data
Weather Radar Data
Satellite Data
Paleoclimatology Data