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Devon Ice Cap

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On the Devon Ice Cap, at 1800 meters above sea level, three ice cores were removed in 1971, 1972, and 1973. The cores have lengths of 212, 299, and 299 meters respectively. They span approximately 100,000 years. The time scale for the cores has been discussed at length by Paterson et al., 1977, and Koerner and Fisher, 1981. The researchers believe that the time scale is accurate to +/- 5% to 5 ka BP. After that the cores have been cross-correlated with those from Camp Century in Greenland (Hammer et al., 1978). For ice older than 20ka the time scale was developed by Fourier spectral analysis of the delta 18-O values (Dansgaard et al., 1977) and, more recently, by comparison with a deep sea record (Dansgaard et al., 1983).
A NOTE ON THE FILE NAMES: d71, d72, and d73 refer to Devon and the year the core was drilled (e.g. d72 was drilled in 1972). Filenames generally contain another identifier such as del for delta 18-O data, xtal for crystal data, calc for calcium data, part for particulates, con for conductivity (liquid) data, melt for percent melt data, etc. As well, the extension to the file name will generally give information as to the sampling interval such as .1yr for annual data.
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