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Greenland Ice Core Data

A web-based version of the Greenland Summit Ice Cores CDROM, with data from the GISP2 and GRIP projects, is available at the following sites: New GISP2/GRIP data archived since the 1998 release of the Greenland Summit Ice Cores CDROM:
Alley 2000 GISP2 Temperature and Accumulation Data
Blunier et al. 2002 GISP2 and Siple Dome δ 17O Data
Blunier and Brook 2001 Greenland/Antarctic δ18O /CH4 Synchronization Data.
Brook et al. 2000 GISP2 CH4 Data and Description.
Brook et al. 2000 GISP2 and Vostok interplanetary dust Helium isotope Data and Description
Brook 2009 GISP2 and Siple Dome Methane Data
Donarummo et al. 2002 GISP2 LLS Dust Concentration Data
Etheridge et al. 1998 Greenland/Antarctic CH4
Flückiger et al. 2004 GRIP and NGRIP N2O and CH4 data.
Flückiger et al. 1999 GRIP N2O data.
Grachev et al. 2007 GISP2 Dansgaard-Oeschger Event 21 (85KYrBP) Methane and d15N data, Text or Excel
Kobashi et al. 2011 GISP2 4000-Year Ar-N2 Isotope Temperature Reconstruction, Text or Excel
Kobashi et al. 2010 GISP2 1000-Year Ar-N2 Isotope Temperature Reconstruction, Text or Excel
Kobashi et al. 2007 GISP2 8.2k Event Gas Isotope and Methane Data, Text or Excel
Lal et al. 2005 32 KYr GISP2 in-situ 14C data
Lal et al. 2000 16 KYr GISP2 in-situ 14C data
Severinghaus et al. 1998 and 1999 GISP2 gas isotope data (δ15N, δ18O , δ40Ar ) for the Younger Dryas and the Last Glacial Transition.
Sewa et al. 2006 GISP2 and GRIP estimated ages for disturbed basal ice in text or Excel
Sowers 2010 GISP2 Holocene CH4 Isotope Data in text or Excel
Sowers et al. 2003 GISP2 N2O data
Thomas et al. 2007 GRIP High-Resolution 8.2k isotope data in text or Excel
Yiou et al. 1997, Wagner et al. 2001, and Baumgartner et al. 1997 GRIP 10Be data in text or Excel

Additional information about Greenland Ice Core projects is available via the following links:
  • Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP)
  • Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2)
  • North Greenland Ice Sheet Project (NGRIP) (GISP2)
  • Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA)
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