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Taylor Dome Ice Core Data

arrow Stable Isotopes:
Steig et al. deuterium data at 1/2 meter and 20 cm resolution are available for the 0 ka to 20 ka interval, plus
oxygen isotope data at 0.5 to 1 meter and 0.2 meter resolution.

Two different timescales are available and are provided along with the oxygen isotope data: st9507 for the low-resolution data, st9810 for the high-resolution data. The st9810 timescale is the more recent and accurate and, in general, should be used in preference to st9507. Note that ages are in ka, nominally referenced to 1950.00 A.D. = 0 ka.

arrow Monnin et al. 2004 CO2-synchronization Time Scale

arrow Carbon Dioxide Data:
Indermühle et al. 1999, CO2 data for 11-0 KYrBP
Smith et al. 1999, CO2 data for 27-11 KYrBP
Indermühle et al. 2000, CO2 data for 60-20 KYrBP

arrow Methane Data:
Brook et al. 2000 high resolution CH4 data

arrow Nitrous Oxide Data:
Sowers et al. 2003 N2O data

arrow Major Ions:
Mayewski et al. ions data including Na, NH4, K, Mg, Ca, Cl, NO3, and SO4.

arrow Cosmogenic Isotopes:
Beryllium-10 continuous record.
In-situ 14C data

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