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Taylor Dome Ice Core

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Taylor Dome is a local ice-accumulation area that is part of the East Antarctic ice sheet. It is a ridge about 20 by 80 km just inland of the Transantarctic Mountains and provides ice to outlet glaciers entering Taylor Valley and McMurdo Sound.

Deep drilling at Taylor Dome successfully reached bedrock at a depth of 554 meters during the 1993-1994 austral summer season at latitude 77°47'47'' S, longitude 158°43'26'' E, elevation 2365 m above sea level.

The Taylor Dome ice core is only the second core (after Vostok) to provide a stratigraphically undisturbed record through the entire last glacial cycle (that is, the last 130,000 years or more) It has the advantage over many other Antarctic cores in being relatively shallow (554 meters), meaning that gas bubbles trapped in the ice have not reached pressures sufficient to cause significant clathrate formation, even for ice that is pre-Holocene (greater than ~11,000 years) in age. This has enabled researchers to obtain what are likely the best CO2 and delta 13C of CO2 measurements ever made of the ancient atmosphere.


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