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Siple Dome Ice Core

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A 150 m core was recovered from Siple Dome, West Antarctica (81.65°S, 148.81°W) during the 1994/1995 field season. Dating of the core was accomplished using annual signals preserved in several chemical species, beta activity profiles, and volcanic horizons [Kreutz et al., 1997, Kreutz et al., 1999a]. The resulting depth/age scale indicates an age of 1890 A.D. at 24 m, and 850 A.D. at 150 m depth.

Drilling on the 1003-meter WAISCORES Siple Dome ice core was completed in January 1999. The WAISCORES project is part of the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs' West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) initiative, which is aimed at understanding the influence of the West Antarctic ice sheet on climate and sea level change. The core site is located between ice streams C and D at approximately 81° 40' S and 148° 49' W. Preliminary studies indicate that the paleoclimate record preserved in the WAISCORES Siple Dome ice core extends back more than 90 thousand years.

Click here for publications resulting from the WAISCORES Siple Dome ice core.

References for the 1994 150m. Siple Dome ice core:

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