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Fire History

Fire-scarred cross section from a ponderosa pine (photo © P.M. Brown)                    charcoal deposition graphic                   Sediment core collection from a mountain lake (photo © C. Whitlock)

The International Multiproxy Paleofire Database (IMPD) is an archive of fire history data derived from natural proxies. The IMPD, which includes data from tree scars and establishment data, and charcoal in sediment records, has been established with guidance from an Advisory Board to provide a permanent repository for high-quality paleofire records from around the world. For more information about paleofire data, see our Introduction to Fire History Reconstruction.

Obtaining Data at the World Data Center

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Contributing Data

Investigators who wish to contribute Fire History data to our archives should email FHX2 and/or completed IMPD data contribution templates for tree-based or charcoal-based data to