National Climatic Data Center Web Services

These publicly accessible web services allow users to have programmatic access to NCDC data and use custom and standard implementations such as OGC GIS Web Services (WMS, WFS, WCS) and OPeNDAP. Some services allow users to download data in a variety of formats such as CSV, XML, Shapefile, KMZ, and NetCDF.

Currently Available Services

Climate Data Online APIs Description Format(s)
API v2 Search and access datasets and station and/or location data. JSON
API v1* Search and access datasets and station and/or location data. JSON, XML
API Legacy* Station time-series data. XML, CSV

Geospatial Information Systems Description Format(s)
REST Services Station network locations and climatological GIS products JSON, XML
Catalog Services (CSW) A catalogue service that conforms to the HTTP protocol binding of the OpenGIS Catalogue Service ISO Metadata Application Profile specification XML

THREDDS Data Servers Description Format(s)
NCDC TDS Satellite/Radar/Model Data NetCDF, XML, CSV
NOMADS TDS Numerical Model Data NetCDF, XML, CSV

Severe Weather Services Description Format(s)
Severe Weather Data Inventory NEXRAD Storm Cell Attributes, Storm Reports XML, CSV, KMZ, Shapefile

HOMR Description Format(s)
HOMR Web Services Integrated station history database providing in situ metadata JSON

* Deprecated service