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World Weather Records (WWR) Clearinghouse

World Weather Records (WWR) is an archived publication and digital data set. WWR is meteorological data from locations around the world. Through most of its history, WWR has been a publication, first published in 1927. Data includes monthly mean values of pressure, temperature, precipitation, and where available, station metadata notes documenting observation practices and station configurations. In recent years, data were supplied by National Meteorological Services of various countries, many of which became members of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The First Issue included data from earliest records available at that time up to 1920. Data have been collected for periods 1921-30 (2nd Series), 1931-40 (3rd Series), 1941-50 (4th Series), 1951-60 (5th Series), 1961-70 (6th Series), 1971-80 (7th Series), 1981-90 (8th Series), 1991-2000 (9th Series), and 2001-2011 (10th Series). The most recent Series 11 continues, insofar as possible, the record of monthly mean values of station pressure, sea-level pressure, temperature, and monthly total precipitation for stations listed in previous volumes. In addition to these parameters, mean monthly maximum and minimum temperatures have been collected for many stations and are archived in digital files by NCEI. New stations have also been included. In contrast to previous series, the 11th Series is available for the partial decade, so as to limit waiting period for new records. It begins in 2010 and is updated yearly, extending into the entire decade (Guidelines for the Submission of the World Weather Records 2011+ (WMO-No.1186)).

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