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National Weather Service

Operations Manual

Part D, Chapter 25


Table of Contents

1.  Purpose

2.  Air Traffic Meteorological Concerns
3.  Definition of Terms
4.  Supported Air Traffic Facilities
5.  Aviation Weather Support Responsibilities
    5.1  NWS National Centers

    5.2  Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
    5.3  Satellite Field Distribution Facility
    5.4  National Climatic Data Center
    5.5  Weather Forecast Office

         5.5.1  Associated WFO Responsibilities
6.  Joint FAA/NWS Units
    6.1  Center Weather Service Unit
         6.1.1  CWSU MIC Responsibilities
         6.1.2  CWSU Responsibilities
         6.1.3  Weather Coordinator

7.  CWSU Products and Briefings
    7.1  Priority of Duties
    7.2  Product Preparation
    7.3  Communication Headers

    7.4  Briefings
    7.5  Meteorological Impact Statement
    7.6  Center Weather Advisory
    7.7  Forecast Coordination

    7.8  Dissemination of CWSU Products
    7.9  Station Duty Manual
    7.10  CWSU Facilities
    7.11  Support to EFAS and FSS

    7.12  Handling of Weather Records
          7.12.1  Retention
          7.12.2  Protection of Records
    7.13  Statements
    7.14  Back-Up of CWSU Operations
    D-25-1  Center Weather Service Unit Areas
    D-25-2  Alaska Center Weather Service Unit Area
    D-25-3  CWSU Support and Coordination Offices
    D-25-4  CWSU Priority of Duties
    D-25-5  In-flight Advisory Plotting Chart
Appendix A:

    CWSU Support Facility Locations

Appendix B:

    Back-Up of CWSU Operations

Appendix C:

    DVIP/DBZ Conversion Chart

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