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International METAR/TAF Code Documentation
Weather Service Operations Manual Chapter "D"

The following section contains DRAFT and Final Aviation Weather Documentation, the Weather Service Operations Manual (WSOM) "D" Chapter Series, covering a number of aviation weather products and forecasts. These DRAFT versions are being posted to aid users in the transition to the new METAR/TAF format on July 1, 1996 , and therefore until they are finalized and officially signed they should be considered DRAFT documents. Once official, the final versions will be posted here and users will be so notified. Files are currently available in WordPerfect 5.1 and 6.1 formats, PDF format and once finalized, HTML versions will be available from this page.

  • Final WSOM D-25: Center Weather Advisories (CWS) and Meteorological Impact Statements (MIS) in HTML
  • Draft WSOM D-30: HTML or PDF Map
  • Final WSOM D-31: Aviation Terminal Forecasts (TAF) in HTML format.