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Pairwise Homogeneity Adjustment Software (USHCN)

The automated Pairwise Homogeneity Algorithm (PHA) software (Menne and Williams 2009) version 52i used to detect and adjust for documented and undocumented inhomogeneities in the U.S. HCN version 2.5 monthly temperature dataset is available via ftp at PHA version 52d used to adjust the v2 dataset is available at Please refer to the README text file in these directories for guidance on how to download, uncompress, compile, and run the pairwise homogenization software. The "tar/g zipped" file contains all of the necessary software to run the pairwise homogenization procedure. A simulated test dataset is included with the software along with a file of the expected output. Use the file of the expected output to verify proper execution of the code.