<i>NOAA Data and Information for a Changing Climate: A Conference for Public and Private Sector Users</i>
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Did You Know?

Case studies have shown that the benefits of improving the day-ahead weather forecast by one degree Fahrenheit include approximately $20-25 million per year in cost avoidance for a major Northeast regional transmission authority, and about $1-2 million per year cost avoidance for a large regional distribution company.

- Monica Hale, "Economic Significance of Improved Environmental Forecasting: Energy and Insurance Sectors," Imaging Notes, Spring 2007


  1. Lenny Bernstein
  2. Robert Correll, Ph.D., Global Change Director, The Heinz Center
  3. Thomas R. Karl, Director, National Climatic Data Center, NOAA
  4. Anthony Janetos, Ph.D., Director, Joint Global Change Research Institute, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/University of Maryland
  5. James R. Mahoney, Ph.D., environmental consultant; former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere; former NOAA Deputy Administrator (April 2002-March 2006); and Director, U.S. Climate Change Science Program
  6. Frank Nutter, President, Reinsurance Association of America
  7. Henry Gerard Schwartz, Ph.D., Senior Professor, Washington University in St. Louis; Member, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies
  8. Eileen Shea, Director, NOAA Integrated Data and Environmental Applications Center
  9. David Skole, Ph.D., Professor, Michigan State University
  10. Greg Wilson, President, Baron Advanced Meteorology Systems

Sponsored by: NOAA National Climatic Data Center/Organized by: The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies