<i>NOAA Data and Information for a Changing Climate: A Conference for Public and Private Sector Users</i>
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conference This specialized one-and-a-half-day NOAA data users conference will focus on identifying recommendations and requirements of the energy, insurance, and transportation sectors data and information needs for a climate that is changing now and is expected to change in the future.

This effort is intended to:

  1. identify and explore the challenges and opportunities that changing climate conditions present for businesses and state and local governments in energy, transportation and insurance;
  2. better understand the current state of scientific understanding of climate change;
  3. determine the energy, insurance, and transportation sectors' emerging data and information needs to better respond to a changing climate versus a stable climate;
  4. explore NOAA's capabilities to meet those requirements and develop strategies to leverage and enhance those capabilities for the energy, insurance, and transportation sectors.

Sponsored by: NOAA National Climatic Data Center/Organized by: The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies