Temperature, Precipitation, and Drought

Temperature, precipitation, and drought data and products


  • ASOS Temperature Departure & Degree Day Maps
    Daily maps of temperature and precipitation versus normal for several hundred U.S. automated stations, including Alaska and Hawaii. Users can loop these images through a multi-day animation.
  • Climatological Rankings
  • National Temperature Index
    Several different methodologies to estimate the temperature history of the contiguous United States, including NCEI's current operational version. Users can graph, compare and save the output from these different methods.
  • National Temperature and Precipitation Maps
    1-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month, 12-Month, and Year-to-Date National, Divisional, Statewide, and Regional Temperature and Precipitation Maps
  • National Trends
    National trends for Mean Temperature, Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature, and Precipitation for each month and season for the most recent complete 30-year period and the complete period of record
  • Climate at a Glance: U.S. Time Series Plots
    National, regional, statewide, and divisional temperature, precipitation, drought, and degree days time series
  • U.S. Percentage Areas (Very Warm/Cold, Very Wet/Dry)
    This product shows, for each month, season and year since 1895, how much of the contiguous United States experienced extreme (top or bottom 10%) temperature and precipitation conditions.
  • Weekly Divisional Products
    Maps of weekly temperature and precipitation anomalies, and short term Palmer drought indices are produced from CPC data.


  • Global Temp & Precip Maps
    Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Global Temperature, Precipitation, and Extremes Maps
  • Global Surface Temperature Anomalies
    • Climate at a Glance: Global Time Series Plots
      Global temperature anomaly time series
    • FAQ
      The Merged Land and Ocean Surface Temperature data are presented as anomalies (departures from a long-term average) on a five-degree by five-degree global grid. The period of record is January 1880 through the most recent month.
  • Upper Atmospheric Temperatures
    Temperature history for three different layers of the atmosphere: lower troposphere, middle troposphere, and lower stratosphere. These are different parts of the atmosphere than the more familiar surface temperature.
  • GHCN Gridded Products
    GHCN Monthly Global Gridded Temperature and Precipitation Products