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Market Analysis: The Power Sector

Image of a home thermostat NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) supports the U.S. power sector through the provision of environmental climate data products, information, and services. This report documents the uses of NCEI data by the sector. Sixty-seven experts from private sector companies, government bodies, trade groups, and non-profit institutions involved in power generation, transmission, and distribution contributed to the report. The report shows the wide-ranging uses of NCEI data by the power sector to plan, interpret past events, scrutinize investments, increase resilience, reduce carbon emissions, and better serve its customers.

Results from the report specifically indicate that NCEI information is important and valuable to the power sector. This sector relies on government agencies to provide authoritative, quality-controlled data and information on climate and weather. Interviewees describe the climate services community as evolving but critical to solving problems common to all companies in the energy sector.