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Success Stories on User Engagement

American and international businesses from all different sectors use NCEI’s data to make business decisions. Considering that you rely on products and services from these businesses, you are an indirect consumer of NCEI’s climate and weather data. For example, think about the corn on the cob that you grill on the barbeque in the summertime. It was likely grown with the help of a nitrogen fertilizer management tool that ingests NCEI’s temperature and precipitation data. Or the safety precautions that flight attendants tell you about when you fly. That was informed by aviation analysis using NCEI’s NEXRAD data. The policies that you buy to insure your home were designed using various NCEI datasets that record the occurrence of severe weather events (i.e. hail, tornados and hurricanes). The ways in which you are tied to climate and weather data are numerous, even if the connections are not obvious.

NCEI launched Success Stories on User Engagement, to explore the value of its free and publicly available provision of climate and weather data. Each Success Stories explores a different sector including agriculture, transportation, natural resource management, reinsurance and retail and manufacturing. Presentation of these studies findings is through three mediums; a detailed report, a short 4-8 minute video and a colorful infographic. Each study details the ways in which these data are used, and the benefits realized from their applications. NCEI’s data helps businesses operate more efficiently, safely, environmentally, and economically bolstering their bottom lines and making the most of their enterprise. This in turn benefits the American public, the consumers of these goods and services.

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