Hurricanes and Tropical Storms - December 2003

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Tropical Storm Odette formed in the Caribbean Sea on December 4th - the first tropical storm on record to have formed in the Caribbean Sea in December. Odette moved Northeastward while strengthening slightly to a maximum intensity of 55 knots, before coming ashore over the Dominican Republic on December 6th. Odette dumped up to 7 inches of rain before moving off the northeast and merging with a cold front moving off the coast of the United States.
Tropical Storm Peter formed on December 9th in the eastern Atlantic and initially moved southwest and south over warmer waters. Peter then intensified rapidly to a maximum intensity of 60 knots (just below hurricane strength) while moving north. However, Peter just as rapidly deteriorated to become a tropical depression on December 10th. Click Here for a satellite image of Tropical Storm Peter
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