Tornadoes - June 2016

This analysis is based on preliminary data available from the Storm Prediction Center. Final tornado counts published by the Storm Prediction Center and NCEI's Storm Events Database might differ from this report. For a more detailed climatology, please visit our tornado climatology page.

According to data from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, during June, there were 90 preliminary tornado reports. This is well below the 1991-2010 average of 243 for the month, and depending on the final tornado count could rank among the ten lowest values for June in the 1950-2016 period of record. The below-average preliminary tornado count during June contributed to a below-average year-to-date count. For January-June, there were 662 preliminary tornado reports, with 329 preliminary tornado reports awaiting confirmation for May-June. The 1991-2010 January-June average number of tornadoes is 818.

Most of the tornadoes during June were observed across the Northern Plains and Midwest, with several weak tornadoes spawned in the Southeast as Tropical Storm Colin made landfall in Florida on the 5th. The largest tornado outbreak during the month occurred on the 22nd with 26 preliminary tornado reports from northern Illinois to West Virginia. There were 18 tornadoes confirmed in northern Illinois. Most of the tornadoes were weak and rated EF-0 and EF-1, with two EF-2 tornadoes. One EF-2 was observed in Livingston County, Illinois and the other was in LaSalle and Grundy counties, also in Illinois. The EF-2 in LaSalle County was the strongest tornado to impact that county since November 2013 and the eight total tornadoes observed in the county was the most on record for a single day. There were no tornado-related fatalities with this outbreak or any of the tornadoes during the month.

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