Tornadoes - July 2014

According to data from the Storm Prediction Center, there were 85 preliminary tornado reports during July, compared to the 1991-2010 average of 134 for the month. Several small tornado outbreaks occurred during the month, with six tornado-related fatalities reported. The July 2014 tornado count brings the year-to-date preliminary number of tornadoes to 755. There were 189 confirmed tornadoes for January-April, with 566 tornado reports still pending for the May-July period. The 1991-2010 average number of tornadoes during the January-July period is 952.

Significant Events

24 July Virginia Tornado Track
24 July Virginia Tornado Track
Source: NWS

Although no large tornado outbreaks impacted the U.S. during July, two small tornado outbreaks, one on July 8th, and one on July 24th, caused six fatalities. On July 8th, a storm system moving through the Northeast spawned several tornadoes across western New York. An EF-2 tornado that hit Smithfield, New York was on the ground for 2.5 miles and had a width of 235 yards. The tornado hit a mostly rural area, but destroyed three homes and caused four fatalities. On July 24th, a cluster of supercell thunderstorms moved from the Chesapeake Bay across southern areas of the Delmarva Peninsula. One supercell spawned an EF-1 tornado that tracked for eight miles, partially over water, through the Cherrystone Campground in Northhampton County, Virginia. Thousands of people were staying at the campground when the tornado hit, with very little protection available from the storm. The tornado caused two fatalities and at least 36 injuries. Strong straight-line winds and hail up to the size of baseballs also caused considerable damage as the storm system moved through.

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