Tornadoes - August 2012

August 2012 Tornadoes Year-to-date
August 2012 Year-to-Date Tornado Count

According to data from the Storm Prediction Center, during August, there were 52 preliminary tornado reports. This is less than the 1991-2010 August average of 83 tornadoes, and once the final tornado count is confirmed, the August 2012 number could be revised lower. This marks the least active August since 2003, in terms of the number of tornadoes reported, when 44 tornadoes were confirmed. The majority of the tornadoes during the month were weak and associated with Hurricane Isaac as it traversed the Florida Keys and made landfall along the Louisiana coast at the end of August. The below average tornado activity during August is similiar to the rest of 2012 to-date. The preliminary number of tornadoes during the January-August 2012 period was 785 with 76 tornado confirmations still pending for July and August, marking the lowest January-August tornado count since 2002.

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