Tornadoes - November 2008

For the month of November there were two tornado-related fatalities reported in the U.S. The January-November fatality total stands at 125.

Important: The graph above-left represents the final number of tornadoes from January-August and preliminary tornado reports from September-November 2008. Final numbers from September-November are not yet available and may reflect a significant change, as represented by the error-bar above. Data current as of December 9, 2008.

Preliminary 2008 tornado related fatalities increased by two during the month of November. These occurred in North Carolina where a strong line of thunderstorms southeast of Raleigh produced five tornadoes during the early morning hours of the 15th. These tornadoes caused significant damage to homes, trees, and roads in the area. The largest of the five tornadoes was rated an EF-3 by the National Weather Service. Tornado statistics for November 2008 have yet to be finalized.

More information on severe weather can also be found on NCDC's Hazards page.

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