National Snow & Ice - December 2004

As can be seen in the animated image to the left, several significant snow storms affected the continental U.S. during December while most of Canada was snow-covered for the entire month. Sea ice increased over Hudson Bay and water bodies in the Canadian interior, while the Great Lakes remained ice-free during December. A notable snow event was captured in the image to the left as snow fell in southern Texas over the Christmas holiday. Over a foot was recorded in Victoria, Texas, while Brownsville, at the southern tip of the state, received 1.5 inches. A snow storm that impacted the Ohio Valley on the 22nd and 23rd caused parts of Indiana and Kentucky to receive more than their average seasonal total in just one day. More information is also available on NCDC's December Hazards page.

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NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, State of the Climate: National Snow & Ice for December 2004, published online January 2005, retrieved on January 19, 2018 from