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County Extremes

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County Extremes

County level data can provide a more localized picture of weather and climate conditions. Previously, the smallest aggregated scale of nClimGrid consisted of nClimDiv, which is the climate division dataset, consisting of 344 specified divisions across the contiguous United States. Counties are typically smaller than divisions, which makes them ideal for smaller-scale analyses. Currently, there are more than 3,100 counties or county-equivalents across the contiguous United States.

County-level data can provide specific information that is useful for drought managers, university researchers, agriculture producers, and business leaders. Below are the counties that experienced the most extreme average temperature and total precipitation values in July, May-July and January-July. Each color represents a historical county rank for the time period. Shades of blue or red represent counties whose temperature values were cooler or warmer than their historical average. Shades of brown or green represent counties whose precipitation values were drier or wetter that their historical average. For more information on ranks, please see Climatological Rankings.


ColdestSan Juan County, CO54.3 °F112
Multiple other counties not listed
Alameda County, CA
Butte County, CA
0.00 inch1
WarmestImperial County, CA93.4 °F96
WettestPinellas County, FL13.64 inches116
Coldest Departure from MeanNevada County, AR-2.9 °F8
Driest Departure from MeanJefferson County, GA-3.42 inches1
Warmest Departure from MeanPassaic County, NJ5.2 °F125
Essex County, NJ5.2 °F124
Wettest Departure from MeanPike County, AR5.99 inches124


ColdestSan Juan County, CO45.9 °F69
DriestYuma County, AZ0.08 inch11
WarmestZapata County, TX86.3 °F116
WettestOttawa County, OK31.67 inches125
Coldest Departure from MeanHooker County, NE-2.9 °F8
Driest Departure from MeanNew Hanover County, NC-8.69 inches3
Warmest Departure from MeanStafford County, VA4.4 °F124
Wettest Departure from MeanOttawa County, OK17.62 inches125


ColdestCook County, MN32.1 °F26
DriestImperial County, CA1.61 inch71
WarmestMonroe County, FL77.4 °F125
WettestCurry County, OR58.81 inches98
Coldest Departure from MeanMcIntosh County, ND-4.2 °F7
Driest Departure from MeanGrays Harbor County, WA-21.06 inches1
Warmest Departure from MeanNorfolk City, VA4.0 °F123
St. Johns County, FL4.0 °F125
Wettest Departure from MeanPike County, AR21.70 inches124

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