National Climate Report - June 2019
County Extremes

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County Extremes


ColdestSan Juan County, CO47.8 °F80
Multiple other counties not listed
La Paz County, AZ
Alameda County, CA
0.00 inch1
WarmestZapata County, TX88.1 °F119
WettestCameron Parish, LA12.34 inches123
Coldest Departure from MeanMorton County, KS-3.2 °F17
Dewey County, OK-3.2 °F13
Driest Departure from MeanIron County, MI-2.76 inches2
Warmest Departure from MeanCurry County, OR4.9 °F124
Wettest Departure from MeanMatagorda County, TX7.78 inches118


ColdestSan Juan County, CO39.1 °F74
DriestYuma County, AZ0.12 inch69
WarmestZapata County, TX81.6 °F95
WettestGreenwood County, KS30.97 inches125
Coldest Departure from MeanHooker County, NE-2.5 °F13
McIntosh County, ND-2.5 °F22
Driest Departure from MeanGrays Harbor County, WA-5.57 inches8
Warmest Departure from MeanAccomack County, VA5.6 °F125
Wettest Departure from MeanGreenwood County, KS17.83 inches125


ColdestCook County, MN26.9 °F27
DriestImperial County, CA1.58 inch78
WarmestMonroe County, FL76.2 °F125
WettestCurry County, OR58.08 inches95
Coldest Departure from MeanMcIntosh County, ND-4.9 °F6
Driest Departure from MeanGrays Harbor County, WA-21.37 inches1
Warmest Departure from MeanSt. Johns County, FL4.5 °F125
Wettest Departure from MeanLake County, CA20.49 inches119

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