National Climate Report - February 2019
Winter Snowfall Departure from Average

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Winter Snowfall Departure from Average

The table below contains select locations' winter season (December - February) 30-year snow normals, 2018/19 winter snow amounts, and how the 2018/19 winter snow compared to the 30-year normal. For a visual presentation, click a location for a timeseries graphic that shows the winter snow anomalies from 1950 - 2019. Each column is sortable - click on the column header to view the minimum and maximum values of each category.

(Dec 2018-Feb 2018)
Percent of Normal
Aberdeen, SD44.320.1220
Abilene, TX3.13.491
Akron, OH31.233.194
Albany, NY36.343.783
Albuquerque, NM9.56.6144
Allentown, PA12.526.348
Amarillo, TX2.711.324
Asheville, NC11.47.2158
Atlanta, GA02.10
Atlantic City, NJ16.614.9111
Baltimore, MD13.917.878
Bangor, ME47.148.398
Barrow, AK14.88.7170
Beckley, WV28.547.560
Billings, MT51.822.8227
Binghamton, NY4657.181
Bismarck, ND35.226.3134
Boise, ID1814.9121
Boston, MA13.832.842
Bridgeport, CT5.320.925
Buffalo, NY94.370135
Burlington, VT67.755.4122
Caribou, ME114.270.3162
Casper, WY20.829.970
Central Park, NY3.72118
Charleston, WV5.227.819
Charlotte, NC2.93.681
Cheyenne, WY13.922.263
Chicago, IL28.628.1102
Cincinnati, OH16.717.894
Cleveland, OH24.247.751
Colorado Springs, CO10.216.263
Columbia, MO21.515.2141
Columbus, OH23.320.3115
Concord, NH30.344.967
Dallas, TX01.40
Des Moines, IA4525.4177
Detroit, MI2232.368
Dodge City, KS13.312.9103
Dubuque, IA45.530.8148
Washington (Dulles), DC21.918.4119
Duluth, MN66.649.5135
Elkins, WV2659.943
Elko, NV40.326.8150
Ely, NV39.125.4154
Erie, PA65.675.387
Evansville, IN7.510.472
Fairbanks, AK35.130.5115
Fargo, ND40.929.4139
Flagstaff, AZ95.661157
Fort Smith, AR14.323
Fort Wayne, IN19.826.375
Glasgow, MT38.820.4190
Goodland, KS14.916.889
Grand Forks, ND36.728131
Grand Island, NE16.717.993
Grand Junction, CO17.313133
Grand Rapids, MI54.157.594
Great Falls, MT52.526.3200
Green Bay, WI59.236164
Greensboro, NC12.86.6194
Hartford, CT21.830.771
Helena, MT37.318.5202
Huntington, WV4.118.123
Indianapolis, IN16.72276
International Falls, MN45.340.8111
Johnson City, TN12.310.5117
Juneau, AK48.860.181
New York (Kennedy), NY3.819.320
Knoxville, TN2.15.141
La Crosse, WI50.230.2166
New York (Laguardia), NY3.621.717
Lander, WY23.62884
Lexington, KY5.51150
Little Rock, AR03.10
Madison, WI48.137130
Medford, OR6.83.4200
Memphis, TN0.23.46
Milwaukee, WI40.435.1115
Missoula, MT46.225.4182
Muskegon, MI51.776.268
Nashville, TN0.55.49
Nome, AK6839.4173
Norfolk, NE23.617.9132
North Platte, NE17.314.7118
Oklahoma City, OK56.379
Omaha, NE46.118.4251
Pendleton, OR33.213255
Peoria, IL20.820.2103
Philadelphia, PA9.518.751
Pierre, SD31.815.5205
Pittsburgh, PA27.83093
Portland, ME35.244.579
Providence, RI11.626.244
Raleigh, NC8.95.4165
Rapid City, SD37.115.6238
Washington (Reagan National), DC15.213.6112
Richmond, VA13.19.4139
Roanoke, VA19.514139
Rochester, NY68.233207
Rockford, NY35.329.2121
Salt Lake City, UT33.736.493
Sault Ste Marie, MI101.483.5121
Scottsbluff, MO12.119.562
Scranton, PA15.430.950
Seattle, WA20.24.8421
Sioux City, IA24.821.1118
Sioux Falls, SD36.322.8159
South Bend, IN3252.960
Spokane, WA47.232.8144
Springfield, IL14.917.585
Springfield, MO3.413.924
St Louis, MO16.614.3116
St Paul, MN52.531.8165
Syracuse, NY74.99281
Toledo, OH18.228.464
Topeka, KS14.814.6101
Tulsa, OK0.36.84
Waterloo, IA53.825.5211
Wichita, KS3.71134
Williamsport, PA17.226.266
Wilmington, DE14.117.680
Worchester, NY26.647.156
Yakima, WA2.517.314
Youngstown, OH31.244.470

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