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Alaska Warmth

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Alaska Warmth

Alaska Warmth
Alaska January 2014 Temperature Anomalies

January was a warm month for the state of Alaska. A persistent ridge of high pressure set up across the state during much of the month. This weather system pumped warm and moist sub-tropical air into the state, keeping temperatures above normal. The statewide average January temperature was 14.8°F above the 1971-2000 average, marking the third-warmest January in the 96-year period of record. This was the warmest January for the state since 1985. At one of NOAA's Climate Reference Network Stations in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve the temperature reached a daily high of 62°F on January 27th, tying the record for the warmest temperature observed in Alaska during the month of January. The last time the temperature reached 62°F in Alaska during January was in 1981. Below is a list of select January monthly-average temperatures from across the state.

City January 2014 average temperature Temperature departure from 1981-2010 average
Juneau 36.6°F +8.3°F
Fairbanks 7.6°F +15.5°F
Bethel 26.0°F +19.4°F
Nome 21.3°F +16.1°F
Anchorage 29.4°F +12.3°F
McGrath 13.5°F +19.9°F
Cold Bay 37.5°F +9.2°F
King Salmon 34.8°F +18.6°F

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