National Climate Report - July 2014
Summer by the Day

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Summer by the Day

So far, the summer of 2014 has continued a months-long tendency for relatively cool conditions east of the Rockies, in particular the Plains and Midwest, with warmer temperatures in the West.

Each station's link shows its day-by-day temperature for the season, in a bar format. Each day's high temperature and low temperature define the size and placement of that day's bar. The 1981-2010 normal values, taken from official Normals data, is displayed as a backdrop for context.

June and July 2014: Daily Temperatures for selected locations

Location ST Coolest Warmest 2013-14 Bar Chart
NORTH PLATTE RGNL AP NE 43°F, June 10 100°F, July 24 link
EUREKA WFO WOODLEY ISLAND CA 45°F, June 18 69°F, June 28 link
SOUTH BEND MICHIANA RGNL AP IN 48°F, June 14 90°F, June 17 link
CHATTANOOGA LOVELL AP TN 58°F, July 30 94°F, July 27 link
BILLINGS LOGAN INTL AP MT 41°F, June 7 100°F, July 24 link
SIOUX FALLS SD 44°F, June 13 92°F, July 6 link
FT MYERS PAGE FLD AP FL 70°F, June 16 97°F, June 29 link
EUGENE MAHLON SWEET AP OR 39°F, June 18 97°F, July 16 link
NEW YORK JFK INTL AP NY 57°F, June 2 91°F, June 18 link
AMARILLO TX 52°F, June 10 100°F, July 25 link
BARRE MONTPELIER AP VT 40°F, June 21 89°F, July 2 link
CHICAGO OHARE INTL AP IL 49°F, June 6 91°F, June 17 link
MADISON DANE RGNL AP WI 47°F, June 9 93°F, July 22 link
MOLINE QUAD CITY INTL AP IL 49°F, June 13 90°F, July 22 link
BARROW POST ROGERS AP AK 25°F, June 2 58°F, July 16 link
MUSKEGON CO AP MI 44°F, June 14 87°F, June 27 link
FAIRBANKS INTL AP AK 38°F, June 12 87°F, July 6 link
CONCORD MUNI AP NH 41°F, June 22 92°F, July 2 link
BETHEL AP AK 34°F, June 8 78°F, July 30 link
EL PASO INTL AP TX 68°F, July 29 109°F, June 3 link
SAN ANTONIO INTL AP TX 67°F, June 11 99°F, July 29 link
GREEN BAY WI 45°F, June 14 91°F, July 22 link
INTL FALLS INTL AP MN 34°F, June 8 90°F, July 21 link
WILLISTON SLOULIN INTL AP ND 33°F, June 12 99°F, July 5 link
BRIDGEPORT SIKORSKY MEM AP CT 56°F, June 2 90°F, July 8 link
WILLIAMSPORT PA 47°F, June 20 91°F, July 23 link
SHERIDAN CO AP WY 36°F, June 9 100°F, July 24 link
MEMPHIS INTL AP TN 62°F, July 16 95°F, July 14 link
DEL RIO INTL AP TX 68°F, June 10 108°F, June 12 link
NEW YORK CNTRL PK TWR NY 59°F, June 15 91°F, July 8 link
SAN DIEGO LINDBERGH FLD CA 62°F, June 19 85°F, July 29 link
AKRON CANTON RGNL AP OH 47°F, June 6 92°F, June 18 link
HOUSTON HOBBY AP TX 69°F, June 11 97°F, July 28 link
FLAGSTAFF PULLIAM AP AZ 33°F, June 5 88°F, July 1 link
NEW YORK LAGUARDIA AP NY 59°F, June 12 93°F, July 8 link
MIAMI INTL AP FL 70°F, June 20 95°F, July 28 link
FT WAYNE INTL AP IN 45°F, June 14 93°F, June 17 link
LIHUE WSO AP 1020.1 HI 70°F, June 28 86°F, July 31 link
KNOXVILLE MCGHEE TYSON AP TN 54°F, July 30 93°F, July 14 link
DUBUQUE RGNL AP IA 48°F, July 16 89°F, July 22 link
ST LOUIS LAMBERT INTL AP MO 56°F, June 14 99°F, July 26 link
CINCINNATI NORTHERN KY AP KY 47°F, June 14 91°F, July 22 link
SPOKANE INTL AP WA 44°F, June 17 100°F, July 29 link
INDIANAPOLIS IN 52°F, July 29 88°F, July 22 link
MONTGOMERY AP AL 59°F, July 30 97°F, July 28 link
SALEM MCNARY FLD OR 43°F, June 6 99°F, July 1 link
GLASGOW INTL AP MT 38°F, June 12 99°F, July 31 link
MEDFORD ROGUE VLY AP OR 44°F, June 18 106°F, July 28 link
TUCSON INTL AP AZ 67°F, June 6 108°F, June 4 link
RENO TAHOE INTL AP NV 45°F, June 17 105°F, July 14 link
LAS VEGAS MCCARRAN AP NV 70°F, June 19 112°F, July 23 link
HELENA RGNL AP MT 42°F, June 15 96°F, July 13 link
GRAND FORKS INTL AP ND 44°F, June 8 92°F, July 20 link
POCATELLO RGNL AP ID 35°F, June 15 98°F, July 27 link
ALBANY AP NY 49°F, June 15 91°F, July 23 link
NOME MUNI AP AK 29°F, June 12 84°F, July 7 link
BOSTON LOGAN INTL AP MA 55°F, June 4 92°F, July 23 link
PEORIA GTR PEORIA AP IL 52°F, June 14 91°F, July 22 link
LITTLE ROCK AP ADAMS FLD AR 62°F, July 18 96°F, July 14 link
LUBBOCK TX 54°F, June 10 103°F, June 4 link
GOODLAND KS 42°F, June 10 101°F, July 20 link
EVANSVILLE REGIONAL AP IN 53°F, June 14 94°F, July 26 link
ROCKFORD GTR ROCKFORD AP IL 50°F, July 16 90°F, July 22 link
BROWNSVILLE TX 71°F, July 10 97°F, July 31 link
NASHVILLE INTL AP TN 55°F, June 14 95°F, July 13 link
WASHINGTON DC DULLES AP VA 48°F, July 30 95°F, July 2 link
BURLINGTON INTL AP VT 47°F, June 21 92°F, July 1 link
LANDER HUNT FLD AP WY 32°F, June 19 99°F, July 23 link
LEXINGTON BLUEGRASS AP KY 51°F, July 29 93°F, July 13 link
MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL AP MN 49°F, June 8 92°F, July 21 link
OKLAHOMA CITY WILL ROGERS AP OK 59°F, June 11 100°F, July 26 link
GRAND ISLAND AP NE 49°F, June 13 100°F, July 21 link
OMAHA EPPLEY AIRFIELD NE 46°F, June 13 97°F, July 21 link
ALBUQUERQUE INTL AP NM 56°F, June 15 100°F, July 26 link
HONOLULU INTL AP HI 70°F, June 20 90°F, July 31 link
BATON ROUGE RYAN AP LA 62°F, July 17 95°F, July 26 link
DETROIT METRO AP MI 48°F, June 14 94°F, July 22 link
RAPID CITY RGNL AP SD 41°F, June 12 96°F, July 21 link
BISMARCK ND 41°F, June 13 96°F, July 5 link
PORTLAND INTL AP OR 48°F, June 18 99°F, July 1 link
PORTLAND INTL JETPORT ME 46°F, June 2 87°F, July 23 link
ORLANDO INTL AP FL 68°F, June 5 96°F, June 29 link
KEY WEST INTL AP FL 74°F, June 12 93°F, July 19 link
HUNTINGTON TRI STATE AP WV 50°F, June 15 93°F, July 13 link
MINOT INTL AP ND 40°F, June 12 92°F, July 5 link
COLUMBUS PORT COLUMBUS INTL AP OH 50°F, June 14 94°F, June 18 link
CLEVELAND OH 46°F, June 6 90°F, June 28 link
ELKO RGNL AP NV 30°F, June 18 104°F, July 14 link
WILMINGTON INTL AP NC 54°F, June 2 97°F, June 20 link
CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS AP NC 52°F, June 2 96°F, July 14 link
TAMPA INTL AP FL 72°F, July 8 96°F, June 30 link
BANGOR INTL AP ME 43°F, June 11 89°F, July 2 link
DULUTH MN 42°F, June 13 88°F, July 21 link
MISSOULA INTL AP MT 38°F, June 7 97°F, July 17 link
SAULT STE MARIE SANDERSON FLD MI 39°F, June 14 83°F, June 30 link
AUGUSTA BUSH FLD AP GA 53°F, June 2 99°F, July 9 link
MILWAUKEE MITCHELL AP WI 49°F, June 14 89°F, July 22 link
PUEBLO MEM AP CO 41°F, June 10 103°F, June 30 link
BECKLEY RALEIGH CO AP WV 48°F, July 5 86°F, July 13 link
SAVANNAH INTL AP GA 65°F, June 2 98°F, July 28 link
DES MOINES INTL AP IA 52°F, June 13 93°F, July 21 link
MIDLAND ODESSA TX 55°F, June 10 105°F, June 28 link
HARRISBURG CPTL CY AP PA 50°F, June 20 93°F, July 23 link
MOBILE AL 63°F, July 31 94°F, July 28 link
ALAMOSA SAN LUIS AP CO 29°F, June 15 90°F, July 22 link
ELKINS RANDOLPH CO AP WV 45°F, July 5 88°F, July 13 link
LOS ANGELES INTL AP CA 59°F, June 9 84°F, July 25 link
CORPUS CHRISTI TX 70°F, July 12 100°F, July 29 link
SIOUX CITY GATEWAY AP IA 39°F, June 13 93°F, July 21 link
WILKES-BARRE INTL AP PA 48°F, June 20 92°F, July 23 link
ASTORIA RGNL AP OR 45°F, June 21 75°F, June 30 link
CAPE HATTERAS AP NC 56°F, June 3 93°F, July 3 link
SPRINGFIELD CAPITAL AP IL 51°F, June 14 91°F, June 19 link
WATERLOO MUNI AP IA 45°F, June 13 93°F, July 22 link
RICHMOND INTL AP VA 50°F, June 2 100°F, July 8 link
PROVIDENCE T F GREEN AP RI 48°F, June 2 91°F, July 8 link
LA CROSSE MUNI AP WI 50°F, June 13 91°F, July 22 link
BOISE AIR TERMINAL ID 41°F, June 17 104°F, July 13 link
WILMINGTON NEW CASTLE CO AP DE 54°F, June 2 93°F, July 8 link
SYRACUSE HANCOCK INTL AP NY 49°F, June 16 94°F, July 1 link
RALEIGH DURHAM INTL AP NC 52°F, June 2 98°F, July 14 link
TOPEKA MUNI AP KS 50°F, July 16 103°F, July 22 link
BUFFALO NY 48°F, June 6 89°F, June 28 link
COLORADO SPRINGS MUNI AP CO 41°F, June 10 96°F, June 29 link
CHARLESTON YEAGER AP WV 51°F, June 15 94°F, July 13 link
COLUMBIA SC 57°F, June 2 101°F, July 28 link
YAKIMA AIR TERMINAL WA 41°F, June 16 107°F, July 16 link
TOLEDO EXPRESS AP OH 44°F, June 14 92°F, June 17 link
PIERRE RGNL AP SD 42°F, June 13 104°F, July 21 link
DAYTONA BEACH INTL AP FL 66°F, June 5 94°F, July 3 link
ELY YELLAND FLD AP NV 25°F, June 18 97°F, July 14 link
PHILADELPHIA INTL AP PA 56°F, June 2 96°F, July 2 link
CHEYENNE WY 36°F, June 15 93°F, July 5 link
BRISTOL TRI CITY AP TN 50°F, July 5 93°F, July 14 link
ROANOKE RGNL AP VA 53°F, July 5 96°F, July 2 link
COLUMBUS METRO AP GA 63°F, July 30 97°F, June 20 link
PIEDMONT TRIAD INTL AP NC 55°F, June 2 96°F, July 14 link
SHREVEPORT LA 63°F, June 11 99°F, July 13 link
BALTIMORE WASH INTL AP MD 51°F, June 15 96°F, June 18 link
NORFOLK INTL AP VA 51°F, June 2 97°F, July 2 link
PITTSBURGH INTL AP PA 48°F, June 6 89°F, June 17 link
PENDLETON OR 45°F, June 6 105°F, July 16 link
FRESNO YOSEMITE INTL AP CA 58°F, June 17 110°F, June 9 link
OLYMPIA AP WA 39°F, June 21 94°F, July 1 link
FT SMITH RGNL AP AR 59°F, July 16 98°F, July 27 link
SCOTTSBLUFF HEILIG AP NE 37°F, June 15 105°F, July 24 link
BIRMINGHAM AP AL 57°F, July 30 97°F, July 27 link
HUNTSVILLE INTL AP AL 56°F, July 30 94°F, July 12 link
SALT LAKE CITY INTL AP UT 41°F, June 18 103°F, July 23 link
MACON MIDDLE GA RGNL AP GA 59°F, July 30 95°F, June 21 link
NEW ORLEANS INTL AP LA 69°F, June 13 95°F, July 2 link
NORFOLK KARL STEFAN AP NE 40°F, June 13 94°F, July 21 link
ROCHESTER INTL AP MN 47°F, June 13 86°F, July 21 link
CARIBOU MUNI AP ME 44°F, June 11 91°F, July 2 link
KANSAS CITY INTL AP MO 52°F, June 13 96°F, July 25 link
GREAT FALLS INTL AP MT 38°F, June 10 95°F, July 31 link
GRAND JUNCTION WALKER FLD CO 41°F, June 9 100°F, July 23 link
KAHULUI AP HI 64°F, July 30 94°F, July 27 link
DALLAS LOVE FLD TX 64°F, June 9 103°F, July 27 link
PHOENIX SKY HARBOR INTL AP AZ 75°F, June 16 116°F, July 24 link
ALLENTOWN INTL AP PA 49°F, June 15 94°F, July 2 link
WORCESTER RGNL AP MA 49°F, June 21 88°F, July 2 link
SPRINGFIELD MO 52°F, July 3 97°F, July 26 link
ATLANTIC CITY INTL AP NJ 43°F, June 2 95°F, June 18 link
ABERDEEN SD 37°F, June 13 91°F, July 5 link
ABILENE RGNL AP TX 59°F, June 12 101°F, July 27 link
JUNEAU INTL AP AK 39°F, June 6 72°F, July 6 link
JACKSON INTL AP MS 59°F, July 30 95°F, July 26 link
YOUNGSTOWN RGNL AP OH 43°F, June 6 89°F, July 1 link
SACRAMENTO EXECUTIVE AP CA 52°F, June 4 106°F, June 9 link
JACKSONVILLE FL 62°F, June 4 96°F, July 28 link
HARTFORD BRADLEY INTL AP CT 50°F, June 21 95°F, July 2 link
ROSWELL IND AIR PK NM 57°F, June 10 106°F, June 29 link
CASPER NATRONA CO AP WY 36°F, June 15 100°F, July 23 link
COLUMBIA RGNL AP MO 53°F, June 14 95°F, July 26 link
WICHITA FALLS MUNI AP TX 61°F, July 19 106°F, June 4 link
TALLAHASSEE FL 64°F, July 5 100°F, July 28 link
FARGO HECTOR INTL AP ND 44°F, June 8 93°F, July 21 link
TULSA INTL AP OK 57°F, July 3 101°F, July 13 link
GREER SC 61°F, June 3 95°F, July 2 link
PADUCAH KY 53°F, June 14 95°F, July 27 link
ERIE INTL AP PA 47°F, June 6 90°F, June 17 link
ATLANTA HARTSFIELD INTL AP GA 59°F, July 30 93°F, July 2 link
ASHEVILLE RGNL AP NC 53°F, July 5 89°F, June 19 link
GRAND RAPIDS MI 44°F, June 14 89°F, July 22 link
SEATTLE TACOMA INTL AP WA 48°F, June 16 94°F, July 1 link
HILO INTL AP HI 62°F, June 24 87°F, July 26 link
DODGE CITY KS 52°F, June 13 102°F, July 26 link
SAN JUAN L M MARIN AP PR 77°F, July 11 94°F, June 21 link
BINGHAMTON NY 47°F, June 21 86°F, July 1 link
WICHITA KS 55°F, July 15 104°F, July 26 link
WASHINGTON REAGAN AP VA 58°F, June 2 99°F, July 2 link
AUSTIN-CAMP MABRY TX 64°F, June 10 101°F, July 14 link
SAN FRANCISCO INTL AP CA 52°F, June 2 90°F, July 25 link