National Climate Report - February 2013
Winter Snowfall Anomalies

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Winter Snowfall Anomalies

The table below contains select locations' winter season (December - February) 30-year snow normals, 2012/2013 winter snow amounts, and how the 2012/2013 winter snow compared to the 30-year normal. For a visual presentation, click a location for a timeseries graphic that shows the winter snow anomalies from 1950 - 2013. Please see the notes for detailed information on the station selection criteria and data source. Each column is sortable - click on the column header to view the minimum and maximum values of each category.

(Dec 2012-Jan 2013)
(Difference from Average)
Percent of Normal
Aberdeen, SD20.138.518.4192
Alamosa, CO12.315.53.2126
Albany, NY43.730.6-13.170
Albuquerque, NM6.63.5-3.153
Allentown, PA26.315.5-10.859
Amarillo, TX11.329.618.3262
Baltimore, MD17.84.8-13.027
Barrow, AK8.710.41.7120
Bethel, AK27.934.06.1122
Billings, MT22.820.5-2.390
Binghamton, NY57.149.2-7.986
Bismarck, ND26.318.1-8.269
Boise, ID14.915.70.8105
Boston, MA32.842.49.6129
Bridgeport, CT20.942.922.0205
Buffalo, NY70.046.3-23.766
Burlington, VT55.461.96.5112
Caribou, ME70.385.815.5122
Casper, WY29.920.0-9.967
Central Park, NY21.014.1-6.967
Charlotte, NC3.62.7-0.975
Cheyenne, WY22.227.85.6125
Cincinnati, OH17.816.4-1.492
Cleveland, OH47.740.4-7.385
Colorado Springs, CO16.219.23.0119
Columbus, OH20.328.27.9139
Concord, NH44.966.221.3147
Des Moines, IA25.438.713.3152
Dodge City, KS12.923.410.5181
Dubuque, IA30.841.510.7135
Duluth, MN49.541.5-8.084
Elko, NV26.836.59.7136
Erie, PA75.376.10.8101
Evansville, IN10.412.31.9118
Fairbanks, AK30.539.28.7129
Fargo, ND29.428.7-0.798
Flagstaff, AZ61.052.0-9.085
Fort Smith, AR4.38.03.7186
Fort Wayne, IN26.319.8-6.575
Glasgow, MT20.424.03.6118
Goodland, KS16.822.75.9135
Grand Island, NE17.921.13.2118
Grand Junction, CO13.017.54.5135
Great Falls, MT26.334.17.8130
Green Bay, WI36.056.520.5157
Greensboro, NC6.63.6-3.055
Indianapolis, IN22.019.8-2.290
International Falls, MN40.859.418.6146
Juneau, AK60.145.9-14.276
La Crosse, WI30.239.99.7132
Laguardia, NY21.715.0-6.769
Lander, WY28.041.813.8149
Lexington, KY11.08.5-2.577
Little Rock, AR3.110.67.5342
Lubbock, TX6.53.7-2.857
Madison, WI37.055.018.0149
Memphis, TN3.40.9-2.526
Midland, TX4.01.0-3.025
Milwaukee, WI35.137.22.1106
Missoula, MT25.431.35.9123
Nome, AL39.438.7-0.798
Norfolk, VA5.61.8-3.832
North Platte, NE14.717.22.5117
Oklahoma City, OK6.37.71.4122
Omaha, NE18.421.43.0116
Paducah, KY8.46.1-2.373
Pendleton, OR13.01.9-11.115
Peoria, IL20.211.9-8.359
Philadelphia, PA18.77.0-11.737
Pierre, SD15.529.514.0190
Pittsburgh, PA30.041.411.4138
Pocatallo, ID26.626.5-0.1100
Portland, ME44.581.637.1183
Providence, RI26.240.113.9153
Raleigh, NC5.41.7-3.731
Washington (Reagan National), DC13.61.5-12.111
Richmond, VA9.43.2-6.234
Roanoke, VA14.09.3-4.766
Rochester, NY33.031.7-1.396
Salt Lake City, UT36.451.615.2142
Sault Ste Marie, MI83.597.814.3117
Scottsbluff, AZ19.510.5-9.054
Sioux City, IA21.120.7-0.498
Sioux Falls, SD22.824.41.6107
South Bend, IN52.947.7-5.290
Spokane, WA32.836.73.9112
Springfield, IL17.513.5-4.077
Springfield, MO13.97.0-6.950
St Louis, MO14.313.6-0.795
St Paul, MN31.834.72.9109
Syracuse, NY92.080.4-11.687
Topeka, KS14.621.46.8147
Tulsa, OK6.83.7-3.154
Wichita Falls, TX3.13.50.4113
Williamsport, PA26.225.3-0.997
Williston, ND25.216.0-9.263
Wilmington, DE1.50-1.50
Yakima, WA17.314.6-2.784
Youngstown, OH44.457.513.1130

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