National Climate Report - January 2013
January daily temperature extremes

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January daily temperature extremes

The table below shows the minimum and maximum temperatures within the Contiguous U.S. for each day during the month of January. The data come from the GHCND dataset and should be considered preliminary. A complete list of GHCND stations can be found here -

Date Warmest Location (°F) Coldest Location (°F)
January 1Falfurrias, TX82 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV-30
January 2Fernandina Beach, FL
La Belle, FL
Moore Haven Lock 1, FL
Naples, FL
Ortona Lock 2, FL
Ft Lauderdale Beach, FL
Hollywood, FL
80 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV-29
January 3Avon Park 2W, FL
Homestead Gen Aviation, FL
Naples, FL
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Hollywood, FL
83 Antero RSVR, CO-35
January 4La Belle, FL
Naples, FL
Perrine 4W, FL
84 Antero RSVR, CO-34
January 5La Belle, FL84 Eagle Nest, NM-35
January 6Marco Island, FL
84 West Yellowstone Gateway, MT-29
January 7Naples, FL85 Kremmling, CO-29
January 8Perrine 4W, FL84 Williams Fork Dam, CO-21
January 9Naples, FL87 Eagle Nest, NM-19
January 10 NA NA NANA
January 11Inverness 3SE, FL
Naples, FL
86 Antero RSVR, CO-17
January 12Inverness 3SE, FL
Naples, FL
86 Stanley, ID-32
January 13Armstrong 4SE, TX86 West Yellowstone Gateway, MT-39
January 14Naples, FL85 Antero RSVR, CO
West Yellowstone Gateway, MT
Boulder Rearing STN, WY
January 15Naples, FL85 Crested Butte, CO-36
January 16Naples, FL85 Antero RSVR, CO-33
January 17Dry Tortugas, FL89 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV-27
January 18Ortona Lock 2, FL85 Berlin, NH-33
January 19Avon Park 2W, FL83 Van Buren 2, ME-25
January 20Lyons, GA79 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV-24
January 21Perrine 4W, FL83 Warroad, MN
Isabella 14W, MN
Bottineau, ND
January 22 San Gabriel Canyon PH, CA85 Babbitt, MN-38
January 23 San Gabriel Canyon PH, CA85 Babbitt, MN-36
January 24 Avon Park 2W, FL83 Embarrass, MN-42
January 25 Rio Grande Villiage, TX
Fowlerton, TX
87 Embarrass, MN-42
January 26 Armstrong 4SE, TX
Falfurrias, TX
87 Babbitt, MN-27
January 27 La Joya, TX87 Babbitt, MN-27
January 28 Rio Grande Villiage, TX89 Van Buren 2, ME
Ft Plain, NY
Sutton 2NE, VT
January 29 Rio Grande Villiage, TX
La Joya, TX
89 Daniel Fish Hatchery, WY-18
January 30 Carrizo Springs 3W, TX
Falcon Dam, TX
92 Plentywood, MT-20
January 31 Sarita 7E, TX89 Bottineau, ND-28