National Climate Report - October 2012
October daily temperature extremes

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October daily temperature extremes

The table below shows the minimum and maximum temperatures within the Contiguous U.S. for each day during the month of October. The data come from the GHCND dataset and should be considered preliminary. A complete list of GHCND stations can be found here -

Date Warmest Location (°F) Coldest Location (°F)
October 1Thermal FCWOS, CA112 Danby Four Corners, VT11
October 2Death Valley, CA113 Alpine, AZ
Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV
October 3Blythe, CA110 Pomeroy, WA15
October 4Blythe, CA109 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV7
October 5Falcon Dam, MT104 Wisdom, MT3
October 6Falcon Dam, TX103 Burgess Junction, WY-5
October 7Death Valley, CA102 Walden, CO-1
October 8Blythe, CA108 Shirley Basin, WY5
October 9Tacna3 NE, AZ97 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV0
October 10Death Valley, CA99 Boulder Rearing STN, WY7
October 11Falcon Dam, TX100 Ketchum RS, ID12
October 12Falcon Dam, TX101 Wisdom, MT11
October 13Castolon, TX99 Mt Washington, NH7
October 14Rio Grande Villiage, TX100 Frankenmuth 1SE, MI15
October 15Thermal FCWOS, CA
Falcon Dam, TX
100 Antero RSVR, CO17
October 16Blythe, CA99 Antero RSVR, CO
Embarrass, MN
October 17Blythe, CA Palm Springs, CA99 Seneca, OR11
October 18McAllen INTL AP, TX104 Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV
Darwin, WY
October 19La Joya, TX108 West Yellowstone Gatway, MT
Charleston - Jarbidge 17SSW, NV
October 20Palm Springs, CA98 Snake River, WY16
October 21San Jacinto RS, CA
Castolon, TX
Rio Grande Villiage, TX
99 Dunkirk 19NNE, MT12
October 22Castolon, TX
Rio Grande Villiage, TX
101 Dunkirk 19NNE, MT Summit , MT14
October 23Castolon, TX
Rio Grande Villiage, TX
99 Fairplay S Park Rd, CO0
October 24Edinburg, TX99 Stanley, ID4
October 25Castolon, TX103 Shirley Basin, WY-5
October 26Falcon Dam, TX98 Shirley Basin, WY-7
October 27La Joya, TX97 Climax , CO-2
October 28San Gabriel Canyon PH, CA97 Shirley Basin, WY7
October 29San Gabriel Canyon PH, CA93 Burgess Junction, WY9
October 30San Gabriel Canyon PH, CA
El Centro 2SSW, CA
92 Fairplay S Park Rd, CO7
October 31Blythe, CA94 Babbitt, MN8

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