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Significant Temperature Records at Stations

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Significant Temperature Records at Stations

The persistent warmth of 2011 and 2012 continued through July. As with previous months, many records were tied or broken for both maximum temperatures ("afternoon highs") and minimum temperatures ("overnight lows"). The following tables present some of the more extreme record-breaking temperatures for stations with at least a 50-year period of record.. Note: These data are preliminary. Many stations still report via paper and U.S. Mail, and may not be captured in this list. Until data are final, most counts of records for July 2012 are likely to be underestimates.

July 2012:

The following locations broke all-time temperature records (for any day of the year) during July.
Day Location New
All-Time High
All-Time High
Jul 1SILOAM 3N, GA109°F107°F (Aug 21, 1983)
Jul 1SANDERSVILLE, GA109°F107°F (1 day prior)
Jul 1ALLATOONA DAM 2, GA105°F104°F (Jul 9, 1977)
Jul 1TAPOCO, NC106°F105°F (1 day prior)
Jul 1GRNVL SPART INTL AP, SC107°F105°F (2 days prior)
Jul 1GREENEVILLE EXP STN, TN104°F103°F (Jul 29, 1952)
Jul 2SILOAM 3N, GA110°F109°F (1 day prior)
Jul 2ALLATOONA DAM 2, GA106°F105°F (1 day prior)
Jul 2LEWISBURG EXP STN, TN112°F110°F (Jul 29, 1930)
Jul 3CASTLE ROCK, CO100°F99°F (Jul 6, 1973)
Jul 4BATTLE CREEK 5NW, MI102°F101°F (Jun 28, 1971)
Jul 5OCONOMOWOC, WI102°F101°F (Aug 17, 1988)
Jul 5BUCKEYE, WV98°F97°F (5 days prior)
Jul 6INDIANAPOLIS INTL AP, IN105°F104°F (8 days prior)
Jul 6COVINGTON WSO, KY104°F103°F (Jul 9, 1988)
Jul 6GERALD R FORD INTL AP, MI104°F102°F (Jun 20, 1953)
Jul 6LANSING CAPITAL CY AP, MI103°F100°F (2 days prior)
Jul 6BATTLE CREEK 5NW, MI103°F102°F (1 day prior)
Jul 6BARABOO, WI103°F102°F (Aug 17, 1988)
Jul 6BEAVER DAM, WI102°F100°F (1 day prior)
Jul 6WHITEWATER, WI102°F101°F (Aug 31, 1953)
Jul 7CAIRO 3N, IL108°F106°F (7 days prior)
Jul 7ROCKFORD AP, IL105°F104°F (1 day prior)
Jul 7LEXINGTON BLUEGRASS AP, KY105°F103°F (1 day prior)
Jul 7HESPERIA 4 WNW, MI101°F100°F (Aug 21, 1955)
Jul 7QUANTICO MCAS, VA106°F105°F (8 days prior)
Jul 7ARLINGTON UNIV FARM, WI103°F102°F (Aug 16, 1988)
Jul 7HUNTINGTON TRI ST AP, WV104°F103°F (8 days prior)
Jul 7PARKERSBURG FAA AP, WV103°F102°F (Jul 16, 1988)
Jul 8PAINTER 2W, VA100°F99°F (1 day prior)
Jul 11BEAVER DAM, AZ121°F120°F (Jul 6, 2007)
Jul 20POPLAR BLUFF, MO113°F112°F (Aug 9, 1930)
Jul 22SPRINGVIEW, NE113°F110°F (Jul 17, 2006)
Jul 23OTTUMWA INDUSTRIAL AP, IA106°F105°F (Aug 18, 1983)
Jul 30JOHN REDMOND LAKE, KS110°F109°F (Sep 3, 2000)

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" by at least 10 °F.
Day Location New
Warmest High
Warmest High
Jul 6WOODBURY 1 WNW, TN110°F96°F (1993)+14°F
Jul 1WOODBURY 1 WNW, TN108°F96°F (1996)+12°F
Jul 1MONTICELLO 3 NE, KY104°F93°F (2005)+11°F
Jul 1TAPOCO, NC106°F95°F (1941)+11°F
Jul 1JOHNSTON 4 SW, SC111°F100°F (2007)+11°F
Jul 2LEWISBURG EXP STN, TN112°F101°F (1954)+11°F
Jul 1BARBOURVILLE, KY105°F95°F (1968)+10°F
Jul 7SPENCER, IN105°F95°F (1977)+10°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" by at least 10 °F.
Day Location New
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Jul 22BELLE FOURCHE, SD87°F73°F (1999)+14°F
Jul 15ALBION 1 N, MT77°F66°F (1946)+11°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" records that were at least 100 years old.
Day Location New
Warmest High
Warmest High
Age of Record
Jul 24EMMETSBURG, IA98°F96°F (1893)119 yrs
Jul 24NEWTON, IA104°F100°F (1894)118 yrs
Jul 24BEAVER DAM, WI99°F96°F (1894)118 yrs
Jul 26OSCEOLA, IA105°F102°F (1894)118 yrs
Jul 5HESPERIA 4 WNW, MI94°F92°F (1895)117 yrs
Jul 17HESPERIA 4 WNW, MI95°F94°F (1895)117 yrs
Jul 14HESPERIA 4 WNW, MI94°F92°F (1896)116 yrs
Jul 3DODGEVILLE, WI97°F95°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 5GERALD R FORD INTL AP, MI101°F99°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 5BENTON HARBOR AP, MI99°F97°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 8WARSAW, IN102°F98°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 31POPLAR BLUFF, MO104°F102°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 7HILLSBORO, OH100°F99°F (1898)114 yrs
Jul 8HILLSBORO, OH100°F99°F (1898)114 yrs
Jul 17LAPORTE, IN97°F94°F (1898)114 yrs
Jul 6DOVER 1 W, TN105°F103°F (1899)113 yrs
Jul 2NASHVILLE 1 E, IL101°F99°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 3NASHVILLE 1 E, IL101°F98°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 4DODGEVILLE, WI96°F94°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 5BOWLING GREEN RGNL AP, KY103°F102°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 5POPLAR BLUFF, MO104°F101°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 8LAWRENCE, KS104°F103°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 17CHARLES CITY, IA98°F96°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 17GERALD R FORD INTL AP, MI99°F97°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 19GALESBURG, IL100°F98°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 19LANCASTER 4 WSW, WI98°F97°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 20POPLAR BLUFF, MO113°F107°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 20SPRINGVIEW, NE108°F107°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 23GENESEO, IL104°F102°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 1NEWNAN 5N, GA105°F101°F (1902)110 yrs
Jul 2COVINGTON, GA106°F104°F (1902)110 yrs
Jul 5HENDERSON 8 SSW, KY102°F98°F (1902)110 yrs
Jul 17CHILTON, WI97°F95°F (1904)108 yrs
Jul 17DODGEVILLE, WI97°F96°F (1905)107 yrs
Jul 1ELBERTON 2 N, GA103°F101°F (1906)106 yrs
Jul 2WEST LIBERTY 3NW, KY102°F96°F (1906)106 yrs
Jul 1MONTROSE #2, CO99°F98°F (1907)105 yrs
Jul 8MT VERNON, IN105°F101°F (1907)105 yrs
Jul 1RED LODGE, MT90°F89°F (1909)103 yrs
Jul 1GILLETTE 4SE, WY101°F98°F (1909)103 yrs
Jul 6JACKSON EXP STN, TN103°F99°F (1909)103 yrs
Jul 2GUNTERSVILLE, AL102°F99°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 2MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL AP, MN99°F96°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 2LEWISBURG 3 N, WV94°F93°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 4GREENVILLE WTP, OH97°F96°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5MARENGO, IL102°F101°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5AURORA, IL101°F99°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5ROLLA UNI OF MISSOURI, MO104°F102°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5LAKE MILLS, WI104°F103°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5WAUKESHA, WI101°F98°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5WATERTOWN, WI101°F100°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 6ELGIN, IL100°F97°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 6VANDALIA, MO101°F98°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 7NEW CUMBERLAND L/D, WV101°F98°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 8BEDFORD, IA100°F98°F (1911)101 yrs

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" records that were at least 100 years old.
Day Location New
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Age of Record
Jul 31LOUISVILLE, MS79°F78°F (1891)121 yrs
Jul 1SEWANEE, TN79°F76°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 2SELMA, AL79°F78°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 2CEDARTOWN, GA75°F74°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 4MUSKEGON CO AP, MI79°F78°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 24WASHINGTON 1 W, IN79°F77°F (1897)115 yrs
Jul 6ALBERT LEA 3 SE, MN74°F73°F (1899)113 yrs
Jul 4KENTON, OH75°F74°F (1900)112 yrs
Jul 5CHARLES CITY, IA75°F74°F (1900)112 yrs
Jul 5DODGEVILLE, WI75°F72°F (1900)112 yrs
Jul 6SAGINAW MBS INTL AP, MI76°F75°F (1900)112 yrs
Jul 7BOWLING GREEN RGNL AP, KY77°F76°F (1900)112 yrs
Jul 8ASHLAND, VA78°F75°F (1900)112 yrs
Jul 4LAWRENCE, KS82°F80°F (1901)111 yrs
Jul 1WAYNESBORO 2 S, GA77°F76°F (1902)110 yrs
Jul 7COLDWATER ST SCHOOL, MI77°F74°F (1902)110 yrs
Jul 7MONTPELIER, OH78°F73°F (1902)110 yrs
Jul 5DOUGLAS 1 SE, WY67°F65°F (1909)103 yrs
Jul 21WESSINGTON SPRINGS, SD74°F73°F (1909)103 yrs
Jul 3ELGIN, IL74°F72°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 4MARSHALLTOWN, IA78°F76°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 5GRAND ISLAND CTR NE AP, NE76°F75°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 7VANDALIA, MO78°F76°F (1911)101 yrs
Jul 3LUNA RS, NM56°F55°F (1912)100 yrs

The following locations broke or tied 15 or more daily records during the month.
Location Number of New Records (out of 62 possible)
POPLAR BLUFF, MO19 daily records
INDIANAPOLIS INTL AP, IN17 daily records
FAYETTEVILLE WTP, TN17 daily records
SPICKARD 7 W, MO16 daily records
SALEM, IL16 daily records
STOUGHTON, WI15 daily records
NIMROD DAM, AR15 daily records
MADISON DANE CO AP, WI15 daily records

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