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Significant Temperature Records at Stations

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Significant Temperature Records at Stations

The heat wave in late June broke many records for both maximum temperatures ("afternoon highs") and minimum temperatures ("overnight lows"). More than 100 stations broke or tied all-time records (warmest not just for June, but for any day in its observing history), some of them more than once. The following tables present some of the more extreme record-breaking temperatures. Note: These data are preliminary. Many stations stilll report via paper and U.S. Mail, and may not be captured in this list. Until data are final, most counts of records for June 2012 are likely to be underestimates.

June 2012:

The following locations broke all-time temperature records (for any day of the year) during June.
Day Location New
All-Time High
All-Time High
Jun 23LAMAR MUNI AP, CO110°F109°F (Aug 1, 2008)
Jun 23RUXTON PARK, CO87°F86°F (Oct 1, 2006)
Jun 24TRIBUNE 1W, KS109°F108°F (Jul 15, 2000)
Jun 25NORTON DAM, KS113°F111°F (Jul 7, 1991)
Jun 25COLBY 1SW, KS112°F110°F (Jun 25, 1971)
Jun 25TRIBUNE 1W, KS111°F109°F (1 day prior)
Jun 25SIDNEY MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, NE109°F107°F (Jul 16, 2006)
Jun 26LAMAR MUNI AP, CO111°F110°F (2 days prior)
Jun 26COLORADO SPGS MUNI AP, CO101°F100°F (2 days prior)
Jun 26EVERGREEN, CO97°F96°F (Jul 9, 2003)
Jun 26MC COOK, NE115°F114°F (Jul 20, 1932)
Jun 26SIDNEY MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, NE111°F109°F (1 day prior)
Jun 27LAMAR MUNI AP, CO112°F111°F (1 day prior)
Jun 27YUMA, CO111°F109°F (Aug 3, 2008)
Jun 27KARVAL, CO104°F103°F (2 days prior)
Jun 27DODGE CITY RGNL AP, KS111°F110°F (1 day prior)
Jun 27EDGEMONT, SD108°F107°F (Jul 16, 2006)
Jun 28CAHOKIA ST LOUIS AP, IL107°F106°F (Sep 5, 1990)
Jun 28CARBONDALE SOUTHERN IL AP, IL106°F105°F (Jul 22, 1983)
Jun 28EVANSVILLE REGIONAL AP, IN107°F105°F (Jul 14, 1954)
Jun 28MUNCIE BALL STATE UNIV, IN106°F102°F (Jun 26, 1988)
Jun 28RICHMOND WTR WKS, IN104°F100°F (Sep 3, 2011)
Jun 28BLOOMINGTON MONROE CO AP, IN103°F102°F (Jul 31, 1999)
Jun 28NORTON DAM, KS118°F113°F (3 days prior)
Jun 28SMITH CTR, KS113°F112°F (1 day prior)
Jun 28COLBY 1SW, KS113°F112°F (3 days prior)
Jun 28GARDEN CITY EXP STN, KS112°F109°F (1 day prior)
Jun 28PONTIAC OAKLAND CO INTL AP, MI99°F98°F (Jul 21, 2011)
Jun 29HUNTSVILLE INTL AP, AL106°F105°F (Aug 16, 2007)
Jun 29ATHENS BEN EPPS AP, GA109°F107°F (Aug 21, 1983)
Jun 29COLUMBUS METO AP, GA105°F104°F (Aug 10, 2007)
Jun 29ATLANTA PEACHTREE AP, GA103°F102°F (Aug 22, 2007)
Jun 29CARBONDALE SOUTHERN IL AP, IL107°F106°F (1 day prior)
Jun 29TERRE HAUTE INDIANA ST, IN108°F104°F (Sep 6, 1954)
Jun 29NEW CASTLE 3 SW, IN107°F103°F (Jun 26, 1988)
Jun 29VINCENNES 5 NE, IN107°F104°F (Jun 26, 1988)
Jun 29HUNTINGTON, IN106°F105°F (Jun 26, 1988)
Jun 29TIPTON 5 SW, IN103°F98°F (Jul 22, 2011)
Jun 29PADUCAH BARKLEY AP, KY108°F106°F (Jul 28, 1952)
Jun 29PROVIDENCE, KY107°F106°F (Aug 17, 2007)
Jun 29LONDON FAA AP, KY105°F102°F (Aug 16, 2007)
Jun 29JACKSON WSO, KY104°F101°F (Aug 18, 1988)
Jun 29FESTUS, MO111°F110°F (Jul 16, 1980)
Jun 29PERRYVILLE WTP, MO110°F109°F (Aug 3, 1964)
Jun 29CAPE GIRARDEAU FAA AP, MO107°F105°F (Jul 15, 1980)
Jun 29COLUMBIA UNIV OF SC, SC113°F109°F (Aug 11, 2007)
Jun 29COLUMBIA METRO AP, SC109°F107°F (Aug 10, 2007)
Jun 29NASHVILLE ASOS, TN109°F107°F (Jul 28, 1952)
Jun 29FAYETTEVILLE WTP, TN107°F105°F (Aug 23, 2007)
Jun 29CHEATHAM L&D, TN106°F105°F (Aug 23, 1983)
Jun 29CROSSVILLE AP, TN102°F101°F (Jul 16, 1980)
Jun 29BLUEFIELD MERCER CO AP, WV97°F96°F (Jul 16, 1988)
Jun 30ROME WSO AP, GA107°F106°F (Jul 17, 1980)
Jun 30COLUMBUS METO AP, GA106°F105°F (1 day prior)
Jun 30ATLANTA HARTSFIELD AP, GA106°F105°F (Jul 17, 1980)
Jun 30ATLANTA PEACHTREE AP, GA105°F103°F (1 day prior)
Jun 30HELEN, GA102°F100°F (Jul 20, 1986)
Jun 30SMITHLAND L&D, IL106°F104°F (Aug 17, 2007)
Jun 30BARREN RIVER LAKE, KY107°F106°F (Jul 10, 1988)
Jun 30MONTICELLO 3 NE, KY105°F103°F (Aug 18, 1988)
Jun 30BAXTER, KY103°F101°F (Aug 22, 1983)
Jun 30SIKESTON PWR STN, MO110°F107°F (Jul 17, 1980)
Jun 30ST LOUIS SCI CTR, MO106°F105°F (Jul 30, 1999)
Jun 30ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC106°F104°F (Aug 10, 2007)
Jun 30TAPOCO, NC105°F103°F (Jun 17, 1944)
Jun 30WATERVILLE 2, NC103°F101°F (Jul 10, 1936)
Jun 30JOHNSTON 4 SW, SC113°F110°F (Aug 11, 2007)
Jun 30SANDHILL RSCH ELGIN, SC109°F106°F (Aug 8, 2007)
Jun 30WOODBURY 1 WNW, TN110°F109°F (Aug 17, 2007)
Jun 30KINGSTON SPRINGS, TN109°F108°F (Aug 16, 2007)
Jun 30SPARTA WASTEWATER PLANT, TN108°F104°F (1 day prior)
Jun 30CHEATHAM L&D, TN108°F106°F (1 day prior)
Jun 30CHATTANOOGA AP, TN107°F106°F (1 day prior)
Jun 30PULASKI WWTP, TN106°F105°F (Jul 17, 1980)
Jun 30PORTLAND SEWAGE PLT, TN106°F105°F (Aug 17, 2007)
Jun 30KNOXVILLE AP, TN105°F104°F (Jul 12, 1930)
Jun 30SMITHVILLE 2 SE, TN105°F104°F (Jul 17, 1980)
Jun 30BRISTOL AP, TN103°F102°F (1 day prior)
Jun 30MONTEREY, TN103°F100°F (Jul 29, 1952)
Jun 30PHILPOTT DAM 2, VA105°F102°F (Aug 22, 1983)
Jun 30LOGAN, WV105°F104°F (Jul 15, 1954)

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" by at least 10 °F.
Day Location New
Warmest High
Warmest High
Jun 28NORTON DAM, KS118°F104°F (1963)+14°F
Jun 30WOODBURY 1 WNW, TN110°F96°F (1969)+14°F
Jun 24CRAIG, AK83°F70°F (2004)+13°F
Jun 29FESTUS, MO111°F98°F (1971)+13°F
Jun 29CHILLICOTHE 2S, MO108°F95°F (1986)+13°F
Jun 26MC COOK, NE115°F103°F (1963)+12°F
Jun 29TERRE HAUTE INDIANA ST, IN108°F96°F (1998)+12°F
Jun 29LONDON FAA AP, KY105°F93°F (1988)+12°F
Jun 29JACKSON WSO, KY104°F92°F (1988)+12°F
Jun 30JACKSON WSO, KY103°F91°F (2005)+12°F
Jun 30FESTUS, MO108°F96°F (2005)+12°F
Jun 30SMITHVILLE 2 SE, TN105°F93°F (1990)+12°F
Jun 22CHATHAM MUNI AP, MA92°F81°F (1983)+11°F
Jun 28MUNCIE BALL STATE UNIV, IN106°F95°F (1971)+11°F
Jun 28COLBY 1SW, KS113°F102°F (1961)+11°F
Jun 29TIPTON 5 SW, IN103°F92°F (2010)+11°F
Jun 29PROVIDENCE, KY107°F96°F (1980)+11°F
Jun 29BLUEFIELD MERCER CO AP, WV97°F86°F (1991)+11°F
Jun 30KINGSTON SPRINGS, TN109°F98°F (1988)+11°F
Jun 18MISSION, SD101°F91°F (1986)+10°F
Jun 19BIG SPRINGS, NE106°F96°F (1988)+10°F
Jun 22TAUNTON MUNI AP, MA96°F86°F (2002)+10°F
Jun 22WESTHAMPTN GABRESKI AP, NY94°F84°F (1993)+10°F
Jun 23LAMAR MUNI AP, CO110°F100°F (1980)+10°F
Jun 26SIDNEY MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, NE111°F101°F (1971)+10°F
Jun 29DECATUR AP, IL103°F93°F (2005)+10°F
Jun 29WELDON SPRING NWS, MO106°F96°F (1965)+10°F
Jun 29CLEVELAND FLTR PLT, TN104°F94°F (1990)+10°F
Jun 29CROSSVILLE AP, TN102°F92°F (1988)+10°F
Jun 30SMITHLAND L&D, IL106°F96°F (1990)+10°F
Jun 30CARLYLE RSVR, IL104°F94°F (2005)+10°F
Jun 30PROVIDENCE, KY106°F96°F (2005)+10°F
Jun 30MONTICELLO 3 NE, KY105°F95°F (1988)+10°F
Jun 30LONDON FAA AP, KY104°F94°F (1966)+10°F
Jun 30PAINTSVILLE 1E, KY102°F92°F (2002)+10°F
Jun 30LIVINGSTON RADIO WLIV, TN106°F96°F (1968)+10°F
Jun 30PORTLAND SEWAGE PLT, TN106°F96°F (1978)+10°F
Jun 30CLEVELAND FLTR PLT, TN105°F95°F (1969)+10°F
Jun 30PIKEVILLE, TN104°F94°F (1990)+10°F
Jun 30PIKE ISLAND L&D, WV98°F88°F (2001)+10°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" by at least 10 °F.
Day Location New
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Jun 19WATERDALE, CO80°F60°F (1989)+20°F
Jun 18MINDEN, NV66°F55°F (2002)+11°F
Jun 19ARBORETUM UNIV WIS, WI75°F65°F (2001)+10°F
Jun 21LONG FALLS DAM, ME72°F62°F (1976)+10°F
Jun 21PINKHAM NOTCH, NH73°F63°F (1988)+10°F
Jun 22ESKDALE, UT71°F61°F (1997)+10°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" records that were at least 80 years old.
Day Location New
Warmest High
Warmest High
Age of Record
Jun 2VIRGINIA CITY, NV86°F85°F (1889)123 yrs
Jun 29MANSFIELD, LA100°F99°F (1896)116 yrs
Jun 30BATESBURG, SC106°F102°F (1898)114 yrs
Jun 27LAMAR, CO111°F106°F (1900)112 yrs
Jun 25CHEYENNE WELLS, CO107°F103°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 28BELOIT, KS111°F107°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 28LEOTI, KS108°F107°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 28MANSFIELD, LA100°F99°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 29HARDY, AR107°F103°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 29VANDALIA, IL104°F103°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 29HOWELL WWTP, MI98°F92°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 29POTOSI 4 SW, MO106°F104°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 30NASHVILLE 1 E, IL103°F99°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 30HORTON, KS102°F101°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 30HOUSTON, MO102°F99°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 30POTOSI 4 SW, MO102°F101°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 10YUMA, CO104°F102°F (1902)110 yrs
Jun 25EAGLE, AK91°F88°F (1905)107 yrs
Jun 17CHARLEVOIX, MI92°F90°F (1907)105 yrs
Jun 21CHARLEVOIX, MI92°F90°F (1907)105 yrs
Jun 16CHARLEVOIX, MI89°F87°F (1910)102 yrs
Jun 19FT MORGAN, CO101°F100°F (1910)102 yrs
Jun 26SUGAR LAND, TX103°F100°F (1910)102 yrs
Jun 25WAKEENEY, KS112°F110°F (1911)101 yrs
Jun 25HILL CITY 1 NE, KS111°F108°F (1911)101 yrs
Jun 28ALLERTON, IA97°F94°F (1912)100 yrs
Jun 5TEXARKANA WEBB FLD, AR100°F99°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 19BOUNTIFUL-VAL VERDA, UT95°F92°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 30HARDY, AR104°F101°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 30NEWNAN 5N, GA103°F100°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 30BLOOMINGTON IN UNIV, IN104°F101°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 30HARTWELL, GA104°F102°F (1914)98 yrs
Jun 30ELBERTON 2 N, GA103°F102°F (1914)98 yrs
Jun 30HOHENWALD, TN104°F100°F (1914)98 yrs
Jun 27BEEVILLE 5 NE, TX107°F105°F (1916)96 yrs
Jun 11MENARD, TX106°F103°F (1917)95 yrs
Jun 27DOUGLAS 1 SE, WY99°F97°F (1919)93 yrs
Jun 16SOUTH HAVEN, MI93°F92°F (1921)91 yrs
Jun 29GREENVILLE, NC101°F100°F (1923)89 yrs
Jun 18PORTALES, NM106°F105°F (1924)88 yrs
Jun 18CLAYTON MUNI ARPK AP, NM103°F100°F (1924)88 yrs
Jun 23DULCE, NM94°F93°F (1924)88 yrs
Jun 12CHARLEVOIX, MI90°F89°F (1925)87 yrs
Jun 2PRESCOTT, AZ96°F95°F (1926)86 yrs
Jun 26DEAVER, WY103°F100°F (1927)85 yrs
Jun 30LENOIR, NC101°F100°F (1927)85 yrs
Jun 30SANTUCK, SC106°F102°F (1927)85 yrs
Jun 24CRESTED BUTTE, CO86°F84°F (1928)84 yrs
Jun 9DOUGLAS 1 SE, WY93°F91°F (1930)82 yrs
Jun 26BATON ROUGE METRO AP, LA101°F100°F (1930)82 yrs
Jun 27DANEVANG 1 W, TX101°F100°F (1930)82 yrs
Jun 28RICHFIELD, KS110°F108°F (1930)82 yrs
Jun 30KNOXVILLE AP, TN105°F104°F (1930)82 yrs
Jun 12MENARD, TX107°F105°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 19ARTHUR, NE102°F98°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 25DEAVER, WY103°F102°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 27OGALLALA, NE107°F106°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 29BUFFALO 2N, MO101°F99°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 29GREENVILLE WB AIRPORT, SC102°F101°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 29LEBANON, TN105°F104°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30MORRILTON, AR108°F106°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30LITTLE ROCK ADAMS FLD, AR103°F102°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30MILLEDGEVILLE, GA108°F105°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30FAIRFIELD RADIO WFIW, IL108°F105°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30OLNEY 2S, IL104°F103°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30TRENTON, MO104°F102°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30BETHANY, MO100°F99°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30CORINTH 7 SW, MS104°F103°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30CALHOUN FALLS, SC106°F104°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 26MC COOK, NE115°F114°F (1932)80 yrs

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" records that were at least 80 years old.
Day Location New
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Age of Record
Jun 19STREATOR 3 SE, IL73°F70°F (1893)119 yrs
Jun 21BURLINGTON WSO AP, VT73°F72°F (1893)119 yrs
Jun 16TOWER 2S, MN63°F59°F (1895)117 yrs
Jun 18MANTI, UT70°F65°F (1895)117 yrs
Jun 17CHOTEAU, MT58°F55°F (1896)116 yrs
Jun 18FERRON, UT69°F65°F (1898)114 yrs
Jun 19BOULDER, CO74°F71°F (1899)113 yrs
Jun 22BOONTON 1 SE, NJ77°F72°F (1900)112 yrs
Jun 30MANHATTAN, KS80°F79°F (1901)111 yrs
Jun 29PRINCETON, MO77°F74°F (1906)106 yrs
Jun 19SAGINAW MBS INTL AP, MI77°F73°F (1908)104 yrs
Jun 5THERMOPOLIS, WY70°F65°F (1909)103 yrs
Jun 11OCONTO 4 W, WI69°F67°F (1911)101 yrs
Jun 27MC COOK, NE78°F76°F (1911)101 yrs
Jun 9LEVAN, UT63°F60°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 20CALEDONIA, MN75°F70°F (1913)99 yrs
Jun 26MANASSA, CO59°F57°F (1914)98 yrs
Jun 17JOSEPH, OR55°F53°F (1916)96 yrs
Jun 19CHUGWATER, WY61°F59°F (1918)94 yrs
Jun 20ESCALANTE, UT60°F59°F (1918)94 yrs
Jun 5HUNTLEY EXP STN, MT60°F58°F (1921)91 yrs
Jun 11CHARLEVOIX, MI70°F68°F (1921)91 yrs
Jun 11ALPENA CO RGNL AP, MI67°F66°F (1921)91 yrs
Jun 18CEDAR RAPIDS NO 1, IA79°F74°F (1921)91 yrs
Jun 21GAYLORD, MI73°F67°F (1921)91 yrs
Jun 21BLUE HILL, MA75°F74°F (1923)89 yrs
Jun 4BLANDING, UT64°F61°F (1924)88 yrs
Jun 19AINSWORTH, NE76°F72°F (1925)87 yrs
Jun 2WILLIAMS, AZ69°F62°F (1926)86 yrs
Jun 25TOOELE, UT76°F75°F (1926)86 yrs
Jun 25LAKETOWN, UT58°F57°F (1926)86 yrs
Jun 22BUCHANAN, VA71°F70°F (1927)85 yrs
Jun 26LOGAN UTAH ST UNIV, UT72°F70°F (1927)85 yrs
Jun 10CRESTED BUTTE, CO46°F43°F (1928)84 yrs
Jun 18DECORAH, IA75°F72°F (1929)83 yrs
Jun 18ROCHESTER INTL AP, MN74°F71°F (1929)83 yrs
Jun 18MILFORD, UT63°F58°F (1930)82 yrs
Jun 19SAULT STE MARIE SNDRSN, MI64°F63°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 19PORTAGE, WI79°F76°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 19RICHLAND CTR, WI77°F76°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 19BRODHEAD, WI75°F72°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 19WATERTOWN, WI75°F72°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 19VIROQUA, WI74°F73°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 20COOPERSTOWN, NY72°F68°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 30HOHENWALD, TN74°F71°F (1931)81 yrs
Jun 20BATAVIA, NY75°F73°F (1932)80 yrs
Jun 21AVON, NY70°F69°F (1932)80 yrs

The following locations broke or tied 10 or more daily records during the month.
Location Number of New Records (out of 62 possible)
BRIGHTON 3 SE, CO14 daily records
PUEBLO RSVR, CO13 daily records
COLORADO SPGS MUNI AP, CO13 daily records
AKRON 4 E, CO12 daily records
GREELEY UNC, CO12 daily records
TWIN LAKES RESERVOIR, CO12 daily records
MELVERN LAKE, KS11 daily records
BOUNTIFUL-VAL VERDA, UT11 daily records
JOHN MARTIN DAM, CO11 daily records
SEDGWICK 5 S, CO11 daily records
LAKE GEORGE 8 SW, CO10 daily records
CRAIG 4 SW, CO10 daily records
HARRISBURG 12WNW, NE10 daily records
COLBY 1SW, KS10 daily records
ALTA, UT10 daily records
GARDEN CITY EXP STN, KS10 daily records
CRESTONE 2 SE, CO10 daily records
LAMAR, CO10 daily records
RAWLINS AP, WY10 daily records
BLUE MTN DAM, AR10 daily records
TUCUMCARI FAA AP, NM10 daily records

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