National Climate Report - August 2012
Significant Temperature Records at Stations

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Significant Temperature Records at Stations

The persistent warmth of 2011 and 2012 continued through August. As with previous months, many records were tied or broken for both maximum temperatures ("afternoon highs") and minimum temperatures ("overnight lows"). The following tables present some of the more extreme record-breaking temperatures for stations with at least a 60-year period of record. Note: These data are preliminary. Many stations still report via paper and U.S. Mail, and may not be captured in this list. Until data are final, most counts of records for August 2012 are likely to be underestimates.

August 2012:

The following locations broke all-time temperature records (for any day of the year) during August.
All-Time High
All-Time High
Aug 1OKLAHOMA CITY WILL ROGERS AP, OK112°F110°F (Aug 6, 2011)
Aug 2WATONGA, OK112°F111°F (Aug 6, 1964)
Aug 3OKLAHOMA CITY WILL ROGERS AP, OK113°F112°F (1 day prior)
Aug 24KANEOHE NAVY AIR STN, HI96°F91°F (Aug 27, 2006)

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" by at least 6 °F.
Warmest High
Warmest High
Aug 5TILLAMOOK, OR94°F82°F (1992)+12°F
Aug 24KANEOHE NAVY AIR STN, HI96°F87°F (1986)+9°F
Aug 29SPRINGVIEW, NE108°F100°F (1995)+8°F
Aug 29PICKSTOWN, SD109°F101°F (1970)+8°F
Aug 30BUTTE, NE109°F101°F (1941)+8°F
Aug 30CHAMBERS, NE107°F99°F (1948)+8°F
Aug 30MURDO, SD111°F103°F (1945)+8°F
Aug 5FORKS 1 E, WA95°F88°F (1990)+7°F
Aug 13ST PAUL ISLAND AP, AK64°F57°F (1989)+7°F
Aug 27MOUNT HEBRON RANGER STN, CA98°F91°F (1988)+7°F
Aug 29PIERRE RGNL AP, SD111°F104°F (1983)+7°F
Aug 29MILESVILLE 5 NE, SD110°F103°F (1961)+7°F
Aug 29SUNDANCE, WY102°F95°F (1959)+7°F
Aug 30SPRINGVIEW, NE109°F102°F (1970)+7°F
Aug 30O NEILL, NE108°F101°F (1948)+7°F
Aug 4ASTORIA AP PORT OF, OR92°F86°F (1990)+6°F
Aug 16HART MTN REFUGE, OR99°F93°F (1998)+6°F
Aug 28BOZEMAN GALLATIN FLD, MT98°F92°F (2009)+6°F
Aug 29KENNEBEC, SD111°F105°F (1969)+6°F
Aug 29TIMBER LAKE, SD106°F100°F (1961)+6°F
Aug 30NEW SALEM 5NW, ND104°F98°F (1948)+6°F
Aug 31LE MARS, IA103°F97°F (2000)+6°F
Aug 31AUSTIN WWT FAC, MN97°F91°F (1953)+6°F
Aug 31CHAMBERS, NE106°F100°F (1948)+6°F
Aug 31VERMILLION 2 SE, SD104°F98°F (2000)+6°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" by at least 6 °F.
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Aug 10BATTLE MOUNTAIN 4SE, NV74°F65°F (1965)+9°F
Aug 7AKRON 4 E, CO73°F65°F (2010)+8°F
Aug 11PALM SPRINGS, CA94°F86°F (1996)+8°F
Aug 10ELKO RGNL AP, NV69°F62°F (1942)+7°F
Aug 13PALM SPRINGS, CA94°F87°F (1996)+7°F
Aug 25PALM SPRINGS, CA91°F84°F (2011)+7°F
Aug 29SALT LAKE CITY INTL AP, UT75°F68°F (1997)+7°F
Aug 6RANGELY 1 E, CO70°F64°F (2008)+6°F
Aug 6GOLDENDALE, WA67°F61°F (1997)+6°F
Aug 11LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ90°F84°F (2008)+6°F
Aug 15POTTER VALLEY P H, CA64°F58°F (1998)+6°F
Aug 17POMONA/FAIRPLEX, CA76°F70°F (1983)+6°F
Aug 26OLD FORGE, NY70°F64°F (1941)+6°F
Aug 31OLD FORGE, NY70°F64°F (1964)+6°F
Aug 31DOVER 1 W, TN77°F71°F (2003)+6°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" records that were at least 80 years old.
Warmest High
Warmest High
Age of Record
Aug 30WILLOW CITY, ND100°F98°F (1894)118 yrs
Aug 1NASHVILLE 1 E, IL100°F99°F (1897)115 yrs
Aug 5ABERDEEN, WA97°F96°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 8JOSEPH, OR95°F93°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 30LE MARS, IA101°F98°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 30OAKDALE, NE101°F99°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 30MENNO, SD104°F103°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 31ESTHERVILLE 4E, IA97°F96°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 31ALBERT LEA 3 SE, MN98°F93°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 31GRAND MEADOW, MN95°F94°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 31FORESTBURG 4 NNE, SD101°F100°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 6BREMERTON, WA93°F90°F (1902)110 yrs
Aug 30NEWCASTLE, WY100°F98°F (1909)103 yrs
Aug 1GRAHAM, TX111°F110°F (1910)102 yrs
Aug 1JUNCTION 4SSW, TX106°F105°F (1910)102 yrs
Aug 2GRAHAM, TX112°F110°F (1910)102 yrs
Aug 3BROWNWOOD 2ENE, TX110°F108°F (1910)102 yrs
Aug 13FT HUACHUCA, AZ100°F97°F (1910)102 yrs
Aug 29BILLINGS WTP, MT100°F99°F (1913)99 yrs
Aug 7HOLYOKE, CO104°F103°F (1914)98 yrs
Aug 31FAIRMONT, MN97°F95°F (1914)98 yrs
Aug 2CLAREMORE 2 ENE, OK111°F106°F (1918)94 yrs
Aug 2ENID, OK111°F109°F (1918)94 yrs
Aug 2NORMAN 3SSE, OK110°F109°F (1918)94 yrs
Aug 31HARTINGTON, NE102°F99°F (1922)90 yrs
Aug 31WAKEFIELD, NE100°F99°F (1922)90 yrs
Aug 1HOBART MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, OK112°F108°F (1923)89 yrs
Aug 1HILLSBORO, TX108°F107°F (1923)89 yrs
Aug 3CLAREMORE 2 ENE, OK112°F109°F (1923)89 yrs
Aug 13HOBBS, NM104°F102°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 28HELENA AP ASOS, MT97°F96°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 28GREAT FALLS 16ST, MT97°F96°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 29WIBAUX 2 E, MT100°F99°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 29THERMOPOLIS, WY99°F98°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 13BROWNWOOD 2ENE, TX110°F108°F (1925)87 yrs
Aug 9BLACKFOOT FIRE DEPT, ID99°F97°F (1928)84 yrs
Aug 30OGALLALA, NE102°F101°F (1929)83 yrs
Aug 8GREAT FALLS 16ST, MT100°F98°F (1930)82 yrs
Aug 30HARLINGEN, TX104°F103°F (1930)82 yrs
Aug 31ALGONA 3 W, IA97°F94°F (1930)82 yrs
Aug 31MINOCQUA, WI92°F89°F (1930)82 yrs
Aug 4SALEM AP MCNARY FLD, OR103°F102°F (1932)80 yrs
Aug 8MISSOULA 6 NW WFO, MT99°F98°F (1932)80 yrs
Aug 31PRENTICE #2, WI91°F90°F (1932)80 yrs

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" records that were at least 80 years old.
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Age of Record
Aug 18FERRON, UT66°F65°F (1898)114 yrs
Aug 31LOA, UT52°F51°F (1899)113 yrs
Aug 22ELK, NM61°F60°F (1900)112 yrs
Aug 30VERNAL 2 SW, UT61°F60°F (1901)111 yrs
Aug 6CONDON, OR66°F65°F (1904)108 yrs
Aug 5BROWNSVILLE, TN79°F78°F (1905)107 yrs
Aug 30WASHINGTON 2 ESE, GA76°F75°F (1907)105 yrs
Aug 31BOLIVAR WTR WKS, TN75°F74°F (1907)105 yrs
Aug 24FT MEADE, SD78°F75°F (1909)103 yrs
Aug 27ROOSEVELT 1 WNW, AZ81°F80°F (1910)102 yrs
Aug 6WASHINGTON 2 ESE, GA77°F75°F (1916)96 yrs
Aug 9ROOSEVELT 1 WNW, AZ84°F83°F (1917)95 yrs
Aug 6PRINCESS ANNE, MD78°F77°F (1918)94 yrs
Aug 6ASHLAND, VA76°F75°F (1918)94 yrs
Aug 3CLAREMORE 2 ENE, OK83°F82°F (1919)93 yrs
Aug 12LUBBOCK INTL AP, TX78°F74°F (1922)90 yrs
Aug 13LAKETOWN, UT63°F61°F (1922)90 yrs
Aug 30AINSWORTH, NE73°F72°F (1922)90 yrs
Aug 22BARROW WSO AP, AK49°F48°F (1923)89 yrs
Aug 13ELKO RGNL AP, NV64°F62°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 31SUGAR LAND, TX81°F79°F (1924)88 yrs
Aug 25GAYLORD, MI68°F67°F (1925)87 yrs
Aug 30MONTROSE #2, CO64°F62°F (1926)86 yrs
Aug 19ALTA 1 NNW, WY59°F58°F (1927)85 yrs
Aug 5RIDGWAY, PA71°F70°F (1928)84 yrs
Aug 28CORTEZ, CO68°F63°F (1929)83 yrs
Aug 30CHUGWATER, WY65°F64°F (1929)83 yrs
Aug 7WASHINGTON 2 ESE, GA77°F75°F (1930)82 yrs
Aug 8RED LODGE, MT64°F60°F (1930)82 yrs
Aug 7CIMARRON 4 SW, NM65°F61°F (1931)81 yrs
Aug 1MORRILTON, AR79°F76°F (1932)80 yrs
Aug 1HOPE 3 NE, AR79°F77°F (1932)80 yrs
Aug 2MENA, AR77°F76°F (1932)80 yrs
Aug 25PETOSKEY, MI73°F71°F (1932)80 yrs

The following locations broke or tied 10 or more daily records during the month.
LocationNumber of New Records (out of 62 possible)
PALM SPRINGS, CA15 daily records
CORPUS CHRISTI AP, TX14 daily records
KANEOHE NAVY AIR STN, HI13 daily records
MCALLEN, TX12 daily records
HILLSBORO, NM12 daily records
WILLCOX, AZ10 daily records
SEMINOLE, OK10 daily records