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Daily Records Broken or Tied

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Daily Records Broken or Tied

When considering both maximum temperatures ("afternoon highs") and minimum temperatures ("overnight lows"), March 2012 saw more than 15,000 daily records for warmth broken across the country. The following tables present some of the more extreme record-breaking temperatures. Note: These data are preliminary. Many stations stilll report via paper and U.S. Mail, and may not be captured in this list. Until data are final, most counts of records for March 2012 are likely to be underestimates.

March 2012:

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The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" by at least 22 °F.
Warmest High
Warmest High
Mar 22LUPTON 1S, MI87°F55°F (1966)+32°F
Mar 21PELLSTON RGNL AP, MI85°F53°F (2007)+32°F
Mar 21MARQUETTE WFO, MI81°F49°F (1990)+32°F
Mar 21MAPLE CITY 1E, MI85°F55°F (2000)+30°F
Mar 20PELLSTON RGNL AP, MI84°F55°F (1976)+29°F
Mar 21IRON MTN FORD AP, MI82°F54°F (1987)+28°F
Mar 21ALBERTA FORD FOR CTR, MI80°F52°F (1976)+28°F
Mar 22DOVER-FOXCROFT WWTP, ME81°F54°F (1979)+27°F
Mar 21TAHQUAMENON FALLS SP, MI78°F51°F (2001)+27°F
Mar 22CLINTONVILLE, WI82°F56°F (2009)+26°F
Mar 22CHEBOYGAN, MI86°F60°F (1938)+26°F
Mar 21SAULT STE MARIE SNDRSN, MI83°F57°F (1946)+26°F
Mar 21MONTPELIER AP, VT80°F54°F (2003)+26°F
Mar 21HOUGHTON ROSCOMMON AP, MI85°F59°F (1966)+26°F
Mar 20TROUT LAKE 2WNW, MI78°F52°F (2001)+26°F
Mar 20SURRY MTN LAKE, NH79°F53°F (1986)+26°F
Mar 20HOUGHTON FAA AP, MI74°F48°F (2001)+26°F
Mar 20MAPLE CITY 1E, MI84°F59°F (1976)+25°F
Mar 20MADELINE ISLAND, WI80°F55°F (1987)+25°F
Mar 22GAYLORD, MI84°F60°F (1987)+24°F
Mar 22CHARLEVOIX, MI83°F59°F (1907)+24°F
Mar 21LUPTON 1S, MI83°F59°F (1976)+24°F
Mar 21HOUGHTON FAA AP, MI70°F46°F (2010)+24°F
Mar 21CADILLAC, MI82°F58°F (2003)+24°F
Mar 20IRON MTN FORD AP, MI81°F57°F (1987)+24°F
Mar 23LAKEPORT 2, NH82°F59°F (2007)+23°F
Mar 21MARQUETTE, MI78°F55°F (1953)+23°F
Mar 21GREEN BAY A S INTL AP, WI82°F59°F (2007)+23°F
Mar 20HOUGHTON ROSCOMMON AP, MI81°F58°F (1976)+23°F
Mar 20CARIBOU WFO, ME73°F50°F (1970)+23°F
Mar 19TROUT LAKE 2WNW, MI78°F55°F (2010)+23°F
Mar 21VAN BUREN 2, ME73°F51°F (2010)+22°F
Mar 21NIAGARA FALLS INTL AP, NY81°F59°F (1995)+22°F
Mar 21MONTELLO, WI81°F59°F (1987)+22°F
Mar 21MIDLAND, MI86°F64°F (1976)+22°F
Mar 21CLINTONVILLE, WI80°F58°F (1987)+22°F
Mar 21BANGOR AP, ME83°F61°F (1979)+22°F
Mar 21AUGUSTA FAA AP, ME83°F61°F (1979)+22°F
Mar 20MARQUETTE WFO, MI78°F56°F (1976)+22°F
Mar 20GREEN BAY A S INTL AP, WI80°F58°F (1948)+22°F
Mar 20BRIDGEWATER, ME75°F53°F (1976)+22°F
Mar 1ALTAMONT, UT78°F56°F (1959)+22°F
Mar 19TURTLE LAKE, ND80°F58°F (2007)+22°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" by at least 22 °F.
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Mar 19MOOSE LAKE 1 SSE, MN60°F33°F (1979)+27°F
Mar 19MELROSE, MN61°F35°F (1961)+26°F
Mar 19LITCHFIELD, MN62°F36°F (1987)+26°F
Mar 19MORA, MN61°F36°F (1921)+25°F
Mar 19ISLE 12N, MN61°F36°F (1979)+25°F
Mar 19OTTERTAIL, MN59°F35°F (1987)+24°F
Mar 19MARSHALL, MN62°F38°F (1980)+24°F
Mar 19MADISON SEWAGE PLT, MN59°F35°F (2003)+24°F
Mar 19MADISON 2SE, SD61°F37°F (2003)+24°F
Mar 18PRESTON, MN62°F38°F (1953)+24°F
Mar 21BURLINGTON, WI62°F39°F (1991)+23°F
Mar 20WAUSAU FAA AP, WI57°F34°F (2003)+23°F
Mar 20LADYSMITH 3W, WI56°F33°F (1972)+23°F
Mar 20HAYWARD RS, WI57°F34°F (1911)+23°F
Mar 20BARABOO, WI60°F37°F (1972)+23°F
Mar 19WADENA 3 S, MN59°F36°F (1995)+23°F
Mar 19PRESTON, MN62°F39°F (2010)+23°F
Mar 19BRAINERD, MN59°F36°F (1979)+23°F
Mar 19AUSTIN WWT FAC, MN60°F37°F (2003)+23°F
Mar 18LAMBERTON SW EXP STN, MN58°F35°F (2003)+23°F
Mar 21WAUSAU FAA AP, WI60°F38°F (2000)+22°F
Mar 20WRIGHT 3 E, MN55°F33°F (2001)+22°F
Mar 20WINONA DAM 5 A, MN60°F38°F (1942)+22°F
Mar 20PARK FALLS DNR HQ, WI58°F36°F (1921)+22°F
Mar 20MINOCQUA , WI55°F33°F (1918)+22°F
Mar 20GUNFLINT LAKE 10 NW, MN54°F32°F (1979)+22°F
Mar 20GREEN BAY A S INTL AP, WI57°F35°F (1979)+22°F
Mar 20EAU CLAIRE C V R AP, WI58°F36°F (2011)+22°F
Mar 19SOLON SPRINGS, WI60°F38°F (1979)+22°F

The following locations broke daily "warmest high temperature" records that were at least 115 years old.
Warmest High
Warmest High
Age of Record
Mar 31HILLSBORO, NM85°F83°F (1893)119 yrs
Mar 21EFFINGHAM 3SW, IL83°F80°F (1893)119 yrs
Mar 21RUSSELLVILLE, KY84°F83°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21MOCKSVILLE 5SE, NC82°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21FARMLAND 5 NNW, IN85°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 20LOGANSPORT CICOTT ST, IN82°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 19LOWELL, MA78°F70°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 19LAWRENCE, MA77°F74°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 19KEENE, NH77°F73°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18PALESTINE, IL80°F78°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18OCONTO 4 W, WI79°F71°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18KANE 1NNE, PA76°F72°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18HOWELL WWTP, MI79°F73°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18CHEBOYGAN, MI78°F74°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18CHARLEVOIX, MI81°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17WEBSTER CITY, IA82°F80°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17WATERTOWN, WI77°F75°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17VIROQUA, WI77°F74°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17VAN WERT 1 S, OH79°F75°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17TYNDALL, SD84°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17REEDSBURG, WI80°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17PALESTINE, IL79°F77°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17OTTAWA 5SW, IL80°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17OSKALOOSA, IA83°F80°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17OAKDALE, NE83°F80°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17NEWTON, IA82°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17MONTEVIDEO 1 SW, MN81°F80°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17MARENGO, IL80°F74°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17LONG PRAIRIE, MN75°F66°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17LANCASTER 4 WSW, WI80°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17KNOXVILLE, IA81°F80°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17IOWA FALLS, IA80°F78°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17IOWA CITY, IA85°F81°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17INDIANOLA 2W, IA83°F81°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17HOWELL WWTP, MI77°F68°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17HAMPTON, IA81°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17GRUNDY CTR, IA82°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17GRINNELL 3 SW, IA80°F78°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17GRAND MEADOW, MN76°F75°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17FAIRMONT, MN80°F73°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17DECORAH, IA81°F77°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17CRESCO 1 NE, IA79°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17CLINTON #1, IA81°F80°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17CALEDONIA, MN78°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17BOWLING GREEN WWTP, OH77°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17BELLE PLAINE, IA83°F78°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17BARABOO, WI79°F75°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17ALGONA 3 W, IA81°F79°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17ALBERT LEA 3 SE, MN78°F76°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 16WEBSTER, SD77°F70°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 16NEW SALEM 5NW, ND67°F65°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 14ABILENE, KS83°F81°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 11STEVENS POINT, WI63°F60°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 9GREAT FALLS 16ST , MT67°F64°F (1896)116 yrs
Mar 26STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO69°F67°F (1897)115 yrs

The following locations broke daily "warmest low temperature" records that were at least 115 years old.
Warmest Low
Warmest Low
Age of Record
Mar 24CONWAY, SC68°F63°F (1893)119 yrs
Mar 22BOONTON 1 SE, NJ53°F46°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21WASHINGTON, IA56°F53°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21TOLEDO 3N, IA56°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21SOUTH BEND AP, IN62°F51°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21RUSHVILLE 4NE, IL58°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21PRINCETON, MO57°F52°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21PEORIA INTERNATIONAL AP, IL66°F57°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21NEWTON, IA56°F51°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21IOWA CITY, IA58°F53°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21GRINNELL 3 SW, IA57°F52°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21CLINTON #1, IA58°F52°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21CEDAR RAPIDS NO 1, IA59°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 21ALBIA 3 NNE, IA56°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 20PRINCETON, MO57°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 20MT VERNON, IN60°F59°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 20FT MADISON, IA59°F50°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 20CONCEPTION, MO55°F52°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 19UNIONVILLE, MO59°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 19STATE COLLEGE, PA56°F51°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 19HOWELL WWTP, MI47°F43°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18STEVENS POINT, WI57°F48°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18PRINCETON, MO63°F58°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18MONTPELIER, OH56°F51°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18MARENGO, IL57°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18KANE 1NNE, PA42°F41°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18ITHACA CORNELL UNIV, NY51°F47°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18HOWELL WWTP, MI50°F49°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18ELKADER 6 SSW, IA58°F43°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18CLINTON #1, IA57°F50°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18CHILTON, WI55°F52°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18BELOIT, WI56°F53°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18BELLEFONTAINE, OH57°F56°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 18BARABOO, WI60°F44°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17WASHINGTON, IA55°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17UNIONVILLE, MO57°F52°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17TOLEDO 3N, IA55°F50°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17SEDAN, KS60°F58°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17PRINCETON, MO60°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17POPLAR BLUFF, MO59°F57°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17NEOSHO, MO62°F60°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17KNOXVILLE, IA59°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17KEOSAUQUA , IA55°F53°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17IOWA CITY, IA56°F49°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17INDIANOLA 2W, IA58°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17GUTHRIE 5S, OK64°F63°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17GRINNELL 3 SW, IA54°F50°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17COLUMBUS, KS64°F58°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17CLINTON #1, IA58°F49°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17CEDAR RAPIDS NO 1, IA60°F53°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17CARLINVILLE, IL57°F54°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17BRUNSWICK, MO60°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17BETHANY, MO60°F55°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 17APPLETON CITY, MO60°F56°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 16LEROY 9 WSW, CO43°F42°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 16GLENDIVE, MT38°F37°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 15POTOSI 4 SW, MO61°F50°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 15BRADY, TX61°F60°F (1894)118 yrs
Mar 20PEORIA INTERNATIONAL AP, IL63°F61°F (1896)116 yrs
Mar 24WARRENTON 3 SE, VA59°F58°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 23VALLEY HEAD, AL63°F61°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 22WARRENTON 3 SE, VA55°F53°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 22RUSSELLVILLE, KY65°F61°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 20MT MORRIS 2 W, NY51°F50°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 19PRINCETON, MO62°F50°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 19MEXICO, MO59°F56°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 18BELOIT, KS61°F60°F (1897)115 yrs
Mar 17MCPHERSON, KS58°F57°F (1897)115 yrs

The following locations observed daily LOW temperatures that were warmer than the previous record HIGH temperature for that day.
DayLocation2012 Low TemperaturePrevious Record High
Mar 18MELROSE, MN6157 (1968)
Mar 18BIG FALLS, MN5555 (2010)
Mar 19WRIGHT 3 E, MN5756 (1991)
Mar 19ISLE 12N, MN6157 (2010)
Mar 19WINONA DAM 5 A, MN6363 (2010)
Mar 19WADENA 3 S, MN5957 (2010)
Mar 19OTTERTAIL, MN5959 (1991)
Mar 19CASS LAKE, MN5757 (1976)
Mar 20ROCHELLE, IL6060 (2010)
Mar 20HOUGHTON FAA AP, MI5348 (2001)
Mar 20WINONA DAM 5 A, MN6058 (1995)
Mar 20LADYSMITH 3W, WI5655 (1972)
Mar 20MT WASHINGTON, NH3838 (1976)
Mar 21MT MANSFIELD, VT5150 (1976)
Mar 21WAUSAU FAA AP, WI6060 (1946)
Mar 21HOUGHTON FAA AP, MI4846 (2010)
Mar 21MARQUETTE WFO, MI5249 (1990)
Mar 21MAPLE CITY 1E, MI6355 (2000)
Mar 21CADILLAC, MI5958 (2003)
Mar 22CLINTONVILLE, WI5656 (2009)

The following locations broke or tied 18 or more daily records during the month.
LocationNumber of New Records (out of 62 possible)
CLINTONVILLE, WI23 daily records
ARBORETUM UNIV WIS, WI23 daily records
OWEN 2N, WI22 daily records
HORICON, WI21 daily records
BLUFFTON 1 N, IN21 daily records
TRIPOLI, IA20 daily records
NECEDAH , WI20 daily records
SPARTA, WI19 daily records
ROCHELLE, IL19 daily records
PRESTON, MN19 daily records
NEW LONDON, WI19 daily records
MONTELLO, WI19 daily records
MANCHESTER #2, IA19 daily records
LYNXVILLE DAM 9, WI19 daily records
KEWAUNEE , WI19 daily records
FREEPORT WASTE WTP, IL19 daily records
CHARLES CITY, IA19 daily records
CARRINGTON 4 N, ND19 daily records
CALEDONIA, MN19 daily records
BRAINERD, MN19 daily records
APPLETON, WI19 daily records
ALMA DAM 4, WI19 daily records
WARSAW, IN18 daily records
WANATAH 2 WNW, IN18 daily records
STOUGHTON, WI18 daily records
ROUGH RIVER LAKE, KY18 daily records
PAW PAW 2 NW, IL18 daily records
OSAGE, IA18 daily records
NORMAL 4NE, IL18 daily records
NEILLSVILLE 3 SW, WI18 daily records
MONTPELIER, OH18 daily records
MARSHFIELD EXP FARM, WI18 daily records
LEMMON, SD18 daily records
LAPORTE, IN18 daily records
LANCASTER 4 WSW, WI18 daily records
LAGRANGE 1 S, IN18 daily records
GENOA DAM 8, WI18 daily records
DE KALB, IL18 daily records
BLOOMER, WI18 daily records
BARABOO, WI18 daily records
ALBANY, MO18 daily records

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