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Sandy precipitation totals

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Sandy precipitation totals

Post-tropical cyclone Sandy brought heavy rainfall to a large area of the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England. Northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey received the heaviest precipitation as Sandy moved inland after making landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 29th. As Sandy transitioned from a tropical cyclone to a post-tropical cyclone shortly before landfall, a wedge of dry air was entrained into the northern side of the storm, limiting rainfall totals just to the north of Sandy’s center in New York and Connecticut.

Location, State Total Precipitation (inches)
Wallops Island WSSF, VA 8.48
Atlantic City, NJ 8.03
Cape Hatteras Billy Mitchell AP, NC 7.85
Salisbury AP, MD 7.55
Norfolk South, VA 7.33
Baltimore Washington AP, MD 6.83
Atlantic City AP, NJ 6.00
Mount Washington, NH 5.7
Washington Dulles AP, VA 5.65
Washington Reagan AP, VA 4.84

Sandy precipitation totals

Sandy Snowfall

The remnant low pressure system from Hurricane Sandy brought heavy snowfall to the high elevations of the Central and Southern Appalachians. The storm shattered both October monthly and single-storm snowfall records across several states. Snowfall totals greater than 12 inches were observed in — Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The table below provides select storm total snowfall across the region (29 October through 1 November). A storm total snowfall map is also provided. Data source: Global Historical Climatology Network - Daily (GHCN-D)

Location, State Elevation (feet) Total Snowfall (inches)
Runa 0.1 W, WV 2,204 45.0
Terra Alta #1, WV 2,630 36.0
Mount Leconte, TN 6,493 32.5
Kumbrabow, WV 3,220 32.0
Oakland 1 SE, MD 2,420 24.0
Beckley-Raleigh CO AP, WV 2,514 22.9
Elkins-Randolph CO AP, WV 1,979 18.0
Laurel Summit, PA 2,730 17.5
Bakersville 5.4 N, NC 3,832 15.1
Beech Mountain 1.2 SE, NC 5,053 13.5
Nora 4 SSE, VA 2,650 13.4
Charleston Yeager AP, WV 910 10.1

Sandy snowfall totals

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