Global Hazards - March 2007

Please note: Material provided in this report is chosen subjectively and included at the discretion of the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). The ability to report on a given event is limited by the amount of information available to NCEI at the time of publication. Inclusion of a particular event does not constitute a greater importance in comparison with an event that has not been incorporated into the discussion. Data included in this report are preliminary unless otherwise stated. Links to supporting information are valid at the time of publication, but they are not maintained or changed after publication.

Global Focus

Impacts map of Tropical Cyclone Indlala on Madagascar in March 2007
Tropical Cyclone Indlala Impacts
Global Hazards And Significant Events
March 2007
Tropical Cyclone Indlala struck Madagascar on March 15 bringing destruction and loss of life. Additional information can be found below.
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Drought conditions
Across the United States, extreme drought conditions were observed in areas of Wyoming and Nebraska, as well as northern Minnesota and parts of the Southwest.
Drought Monitor depiction as of March 27, 2007
U.S. Drought Monitor
For complete drought analysis across the United States, please see the U.S. drought report.
CAMS rainfall anomalies across Africa during March 2007
Africa Rainfall Anomalies
Dry, hot conditions in southern Africa resulted in crop stress and failure across the Maize Triangle.
For the latest African weather impacts assessment, see the Famine Early Warning System Network.
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Heavy rainfall and flooding
In Algeria, thunderstorms deposited heavy rainfall on the 8th in the Djelfa region, about 270 km (170 miles) south of Algiers. There were 6 fatalities produced by flash flooding when more than 100 mm (~4 inches) of rain fell in just a few hours (AFP).
Map of flood-affected areas in Afghanistan during March 2007
Flooding In Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, heavy rain generated flash flooding during March 10-31 that killed 83 people and affected a third of the country's provinces (OCHA).
In Argentina, heavy rainfall in the Littoral region produced flooding during the last week of March that affected 70,000 people and almost 4 million hectares (9.9 million acres). There were at least 5 deaths in Entre Rios province (OCHA).
Precipitation anomalies across South America during March 2007
South America Precipitation Anomalies
Flooding in Haiti during mid-March resulted in 8 deaths and 7 injuries(OCHA).
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Severe Storms
Severe thunderstorms produced tornadoes that tore through parts of the southern United States on March 1, killing 19 people in Alabama and Georgia (Reuters).
Photo of tornado damage near Americus, GA on March 1, 2007
Georgia Tornado Damage
Additional severe weather and tornadoes occurred on the 28th, killing 4 people in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas (Associated Press).
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Tropical Cyclones
Satellite image of Tropical Cyclone George on March 8, 2007
Tropical Cyclone George
Tropical Cyclone George developed in the Timor Sea as a depression on the 3rd, crossing the northern tip of Western Australia on the 4th. George re-emerged into the open waters of the Indian Ocean on the 5th and made landfall on the 8th just east of Port Hedland in Western Australia with maximum sustained winds near 205 km/hr (110 knots or 125 mph). George generated heavy rainfall along its course, with 394 mm (15.5) inches or rain reported in Darwin during the storm's formative stages. The cyclone was the most destructive cyclone to affect Port Hedland since Joan in 1975, and resulted in 3 deaths and 28 injuries in Western Australia (ABC News).
Tropical Cyclone Jacob developed in the southern Indian Ocean on the 7th, reaching the coast of Western Australia on the 12th. Jacob made landfall just east of Port Hedland with maximum sustained winds near 75 km/hr (40 knots or 45 mph). Heavy rainfall was the primary impact from the storm.
Satellite image of Tropical Cyclones Jacob and George on March 9, 2007
Tropical Cyclone Jacob
Satellite image of Tropical Cyclone Indlala on March 14, 2007
Tropical Cyclone Indlala
Tropical Cyclone Indlala developed in the southern Indian Ocean on the 12th and reached the northeastern coast of Madagascar on the 15th. Indlala made landfall just south of Antalaha with maximum sustained winds near 195 km/hr (105 knots or 120 mph). Indlala was the fourth tropical cyclone in as many months to affect Madagascar. There were at least 80 fatalities from the storm and thousands were left homeless (UNRC/OCHA).
Tropical Cyclone Kara developed in the southern Indian Ocean on the 25th, but weakened before reaching the coast of Western Australia on the 28th near Eighty Mile Beach as a tropical depression. Heavy rainfall was the primary impact from Kara.
Satellite image of Tropical Cyclone Kara on March 26, 2007
Tropical Cyclone Kara

For 2006/2007 basin tropical cyclone statistics, please refer to the following:
Australian Basin
North Indian Ocean Basin
Western North Pacific Basin
South Pacific Basin
South Indian Ocean Basin
Northeast Pacific Ocean Basin
Atlantic Basin
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Extratropical Cyclones
No reports of significant extratropical cyclones were received during March 2007.
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Severe winter weather
A winter storm deposited a thick blanket of snow to areas of eastern Canada during March 1-2, bringing snowfall accumulations of up to 30 cm (12 inches) to parts of Ontario and Quebec. The snow was accompanied by winds gusting as high as 80 km/hr (50 mph), closing schools and business and delaying flights at both the Toronto and Montreal airports. Two deaths were attributed to the storm (AFP).
In northeastern China, a major winter storm affected the Liaoning Province, reportedly producing the heaviest snowfall in 56 years. The snowfall collapsed roofs and produced transportation delays. Drifts as high as 2 meters (6.6 feet) were observed (Shanghai Daily).
In northern India's Kashmir region, heavy snowfall and cold temperatures were blamed for at least 50 deaths in mid-March. Subsequent flooding from heavy rainfall and snowmelt claimed an additional 8 lives by the 21st (AFP).
Snow cover map on March 22, 2007
South Asia Snow Cover

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