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Vegetation Mapping
Analog vegetation maps for eastern North America.

These maps are based on 11,700 fossil pollen samples and 1744 modern pollen samples. Twenty-one pollen taxa were included in analyses: Alnus, Fraxinum, Populus, Tilia, Fagus, Betula, Ulmus, Abies, Celtis, Corylus, Tsuga, Carya, Ostrya/Carpinus, Quercus, Pinus, Prairie, Cyperaceae, Picea, Liquidambar, Platanus, and Juglans.

Analog/no anolog vegetation types were assigned to a 100x100km at 1000 year intervals using a three dimensional, time-space, interpolation scheme. To generate maps the paleocoast line/ocean and Laurentide Ice Sheet were overlain to mask out appropriate portions of equal area grid boxes.

Age estimates are based on uncalibrated radiocarbon dates.

Overpeck, J.T., R.S. Webb, and T. Webb III. 1992. Mapping eastern North America vegetation change over the past 18,000 years: no-analogs and the future. Geology 20:1071-1074.

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10 February 1999