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SiteSeer is software for visualizing, in summary form, the contents of a Pollen Database. SiteSeer runs under any version of Microsoft Windows. SiteSeer includes a map and a datafile for each of the databases represented. These currently include: African Pollen Database, Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East Pollen Database, European Pollen Database, Indo-Pacific Pollen Database (inventory-only), Latin American Pollen Database, and the North American Pollen Database.

With SiteSeer you can zoom the map and select individual sites. For each site, SiteSeer displays displays summary information (site name, investigator, latitude, longitude, altitude, and the number of samples, variables, and radiocarbon dates); the publications associated with the site; a summary pollen diagram (except in the case of inventory-only databases, where the data are not yet available). SiteSeer also allows you to search for sites by name or by investigator, or to filter the sites displayed by type (core, section, surface sample), age range, pollen-type, or investigator.

Downloading SiteSeer...

To download the entire SiteSeer version 1.2 package click here: SiteSeer (23 May 1995, 3500 Kbytes). You should read these additional instructions before installing SiteSeer.

Downloading Updates...

Updated datafiles are available for the regions listed below. Each update includes only a new data file and not the associated map file. If you need the map as well you must download it separately or reinstall it from the SiteSeer installation. Note: these updates are for SiteSeer version 1.2 only. If you have an earlier version of SiteSeer, you must update it before using any of the data files below.

Behringia Data (22 May 1995, 70 Kbytes) -- Map (80 Kbytes)
Indo-Pacific Data (10 Jun 1997, 80 Kbytes) -- Map (190 Kbytes)
Latin American Data (06 Apr 1998, 140 Kbytes) -- Map (80 Kbytes)
North American Data (23 Apr 1999, 1020 Kbytes) -- Map (120 Kbytes)
Russian Data Data (22 May 1995, 50 Kbytes) -- Map (170 Kbytes)

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23 April 1999