2 The Main Menu Bar

2.1. File Menu

New Georeference Data Window
Most PaleoVu sessions begin with the creation of a Georeference Data Window. The Georeference Data Window is the top level control window for browse and visualization of georeferenced and time-slice data. You can have up to five Georeference Data Windows in your PaleoVu session. See Chapter 4 for details about Georeference Data Window creation and use.

Exits PaleoVu.

2.2. Edit Menu

Plot Setup
Plotting options can be set ahead of time by using this menu. The plot origin can be put in the upper or lower left and the plotting symbols for each point can be displayed. By default the plotting symbols won’t be displayed. These options can also be set in the plot dialog if they are not set here.

2.3. Windows Menu

This menu allows you to rearrange or delete PaleoVu windows.

You can use this item to rearrange all PaleoVu windows so that all windows are visible, reduced in size so that all windows fit on the screen.

You can use this item to rearrange all PaleoVu windows in a cascading fashion, with a portion of all windows visible.

Close All
You can use this item to close all PaleoVu windows.

List of Windows
The Close All menu item is followed by a solid line then a list of all PaleoVu windows. This list allows you to move among the windows currently open in PaleoVu. By selecting a window from this list, it will come to the front.