NOAA Paleoclimatology Program

PaleoVu for Microsoft Windows

PaleoVu for Microsoft Windows: Executable and Data Files

The table below lists the names of the self-extracting archive files and their archived and expanded sizes. Click on the names of the archive files to initiate an ftp transfer to your pc.
These files are self-extracting archives and may contain additional self-extracting archives. All of these archives must be stored until their contents have been extracted, after which they may be deleted. Keep this in mind when making your diskspace calculations. Installing data and image sets is not required. Any subset can be installed.
Note: With some WWW client software (e.g. older versions of Mosaic) you may need to select Load To Disk from the Options menu before you click to download an archive.

PaleoVu Diskspace Requirements (sizes in Kbytes)
Archive Archive Size Expanded Size
Setup Files 290 785
Executable and Support Files 3013 7834
Carbonate Data Files 492 2344
Coral Data Files 55 80
Historic Data Files 169 1420
Ice Core Data Files 2350 4900
Instrumental Data Files 620 1840
Isotope Data Files 1432 4288
Lake Level Data Files 862 4424
Pollen Data Files 4329 7479
Paleobiological Data Files 1284 16816
Paleolimnologic Data Files 144 560
Paleoceanographic Data Files 2199 9486
Sea Level Data Files 334 3136
Tree-ring Data Files 8444 27128
SST/Salinity Images 4856 12160
Model Output Images 2525 11627
Vegetation Images 157 925
Ice Coverage and Topography Images 2406 3821
Totals: 35849 117667

01 July 1997