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Packrat Middens Slide Set

Packrat Middens: Vegetation and Climate Variability in the Southwestern United States

Scientific Authorship:
Julio L. Betancourt, Robert S. Webb, Lisa M. Lixey, and Thomas G. Andrews.

Images from the Slide Set
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Plant-rich deposits called middens are found in caves and rock shelters in the arid southwestern United States. Middens are an amalgamation of plant and animal remains encased in crystallized packrat urine, and can be used to reconstruct past vegetation and climate in the immediate area of the midden deposit. By understanding past climate variability, scientists hope to understand the course of future changes in the earth's climate system. This slide set outlines past climate variability by reconstructing vegetation change in the southwestern US as preserved in Packrat Middens. The set contains a comprehensive text and accompanying color photos of middens, packrats, desert vegetation, and laboratory techniques. This set would be appropriate for a college level audience. Set also includes a glossary and bibliography.

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14 June 2001